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The Beef With Chief Keef

He's already done more in his short career than most others in the game. I mean, did you ever even think he would have his own art show? Star in a really cool and awesome documentary, be really great friends with Andy Milonakis? If you needed more proof that Keef is the real deal, here's a couple tracks he just dropped, "Runnin" and "Ride On Me." The former features Milonakis dropping a verse

Chief Keef (middle) with his hood crew hanging in LA
Keith Cozart, better known as Chief Keef, is from Chicago. Growing up in the Englewood neighborhood, Keef began rapping at an early age, and used his mother's karaoke machine and blank tapes to record his music. During his teenage years and while under house arrest, Keef's videos were met with acclaim. Since becoming famous, Keef has continued to experience ongoing legal issues. 
These legal issues, accompanied with Keef's notability within Chicago's drill music genre, have caused Keef to gain a gangster-like image. Keef continues to drop self-releasing mixtapes through his Glo Gang label. Keef is estranged from his biological father; when he was a minor, Keef's legal guardian was his grandmother. During his childhood, Keef attended Dulles Elementary School and the Banner School. Keef dropped out of Dyett High School at age 15.

In 2011, Keef fired gunshots from a Pontiac Grand Prix in Chicago's Washington Park neighborhood. Police showed up at the scene and the incident resulted in Keef being arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon. Keef was consequently placed under house arrest at his grandmother's house for 30 days, followed by another 30 days of home confinement. While under house arrest, Keef posted several videos to his YouTube account.
The attention he received increased during the short time between the release of his mixtapes caught fellow Chicago rapper Kanye WestIn the summer of 2012, Keef was the subject of a bidding war with many labels to sign him. While 2013 proved to be a relatively quiet year, in terms of his music output, Keef began the year by signing with Interscope Records, as a separate deal promised his own label imprint, Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE). The deal was worth $6,000,000 over a three album layout, as well as an additional $440,000 in advance, to establish GBE. The deal also set up rights for Interscope to pull out of the contract in the case that Keef's debut album failed to sell 250,000 copies by December 2013. 
Chief Keef's debut studio album Finally Rich, was released on December 18, 2012. Featured guests on the album included rappers 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and his fellow Glory Boyz member Lil Reese. On March 26, 2013, it was announced that Keef would be a part of XXL Magazine's 2013 Freshman Class. On May 8, 2013, Gucci Mane announced via Twitter that Chief Keef was the newest member of 1017 Brick Squad RecordsKeef was featured on Hold My Liquor, the fifth track off West's album, Yeezus, released on June 18, 2013. 
In March, Keef released the first official single from Bang 3 entitled Fuck Rehab featuring his fellow Glo Gang artist and cousin Mario "Blood Money" Hess, which marked Hess's final appearance on a song before his death on April 9, 2014. In October 2014, Keef was dropped by Interscope Records, but confirmed via Twitter that every project he had planned, including the release of the long-awaited Bang 3 would still be released, as he planned. In May 2015, Keef signed with FilmOn Music a division of media tycoon and "eccentric billionaire" Alki David

On July 11, 2015, Capo, a longtime member of Keef's Glo Gang label, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Chicago. Keef later announced via Twitter that he would be holding a free benefit concert to tribute Capo. Additionally, Keef announced the formation of the Stop the Violence Now Foundation, in an attempt to decrease crime in Chicago. 
Due to outstanding warrants in Illinois, Keef was scheduled to attend the concert via hologram from a sound stage in Beverly Hills. The concert, organized by HologramUSA and FilmOn Music originally intended to be held in Chicago's Redmoon Theater, faced a series of delays after Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel's office claimed Keef was "an unacceptable role model" and that his music promoted violence. 

Keef's representatives then worked out an arrangement with promoters of the Craze Fest event, located in Hammond, Indiana, in an attempt to hold the concert there. Keef's hologram was able to plea for peace in Chicago, stating, "Stop the violence, stop nonsense, stop the killing. Let the kids grow up," before performing "I Don't Like". Fearing that the concert was a threat to public safety, Hammond mayor Thomas McDermott, Jr. successfully organized for the city's police to shut down the generators powering Keef's hologram. 
In November 2013, DNA documents revealed that Keef had fathered a 10 month old daughter, and was subsequently ordered to begin paying child support. In September 2014, Keef announced the birth of his third child, and his first son, whom he named Krüe Karter CozartLA Weekly reported that, at least on Instagram, Keef, "appears to take fatherhood seriously." 

Keef's stepbrother was shot dead on January 2, 2013. After being evicted from his Highland Park home, Keef relocated to Los Angeles. After moving to Los Angeles, Keef began indulging in his new-found hobby of art collecting, once he discovered the paintings of art teacher Bill da Butcher, while in rehab. Keef believed that his move to Los Angeles benefited him, "I got away from all the unnecessary trouble. It's better out here [in L.A.] than in Chicago, because I got in so much trouble. I like living out here. I think it improved me. It changed me, and [inspired] me to go somewhere bigger."
On September 5, 2012, Chicago Police stated that Keef was being investigated for a possible connection in the shooting death of fellow rapper and Englewood resident, Lil JoJo. This came after Keef had mocked his death on Twitter, which he later claimed was the result of his account being hacked. Coleman's mother has openly claimed that Chief Keef paid to have her son killed.
Keef is often seen as a representation of the Chiraq gangsta rap culture that is present in Chicago. Additionally, Chief Keef is often referred to as "Sosa" by himself, his peers, and the media. The nickname, "Sosa" is a reference to the drug dealer "Sosa" from Scarface the movie.  

In June 2012, Chicago rapper Rhymefest authored a blog post critical of Keef's image and message, describing the rapper as a "bomb" and a "spokesman for the Prison Industrial Complex". The post was also critical of rappers Waka Flocka Flame and Rick Ross, citing similar reasons. Rhymefest reiterated these views in a subsequent interview with Salon.


2016 Hip Hop Predictions

2015 is out the door! It feels like last year came and went, but one thing we can't deny; 2015 was an amazing year for music. Surprise albums from Drake and Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole selling out Madison Square Garden in NYC, Future taking over social media, DJ Khaled taking over social media and all the odds and ends in between. With all that being said, many of us are already speculating what will happen in 2016, who will surprise us and who will take the year by storm. I figured I'd put my psychic-like abilities to the test and run down a few moments I think we'll see in the new year.

  • Kanye West's Next Album Will Shock Us All. 2015 was a pretty weird year for Mr. West, to say the least. We got a lot of loose tracks from his upcoming album, his fashion collection/footwear was the topic of many arguments, he changed the title of his album from So Help Me God to Swish, and he also welcomed a second child to the world, the young Saint West. Yet we still have no followed up to Yeezus, Where are you Yeezy
  • We need these tunes. A couple of people who have been rumored to have a hand on this next Kanye album have said it's light years past Yeezus as far as progression, meanwhile most of West's fans are tired of speculation and just want the music at this point. I have a feeling the album will hit everybody across the head and shake shit up as far as music. Are you ready. 

  • Not sure what Post Malone ever did to make you guys mad BUT believe me when I tell you, Postyy is here and I'm almost positive he's not going anywhere. Since I discovered the kid back in the spring of this year he's put out anthem after anthem, cool video after cool video and has garnered the respect of Mr. West himself. While Malone hasn't yet put out a full project they're rumors he has a collaborative tape on the way with Young Thug and another one with Key!, who is pretty much the king of the underground/internet as far as music goes. If you don't know anything about Key! you might want to do the knowledge. 

  • All of the big named artists in America have co-signed talent from the U.K.; names like Skepta, Stormzy, and Section Boyz will have a big year and hopefully, make that crossover from the United Kingdom to the United States. Funny thing is, other UK artists we haven't even heard anything from is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They have plans to come out in 2016 and I can assure you it's going to do ridiculous numbers. There're going to get nominated for best rap album at the Grammy's. Don't be mad when it happens, I warned you already. 

  • It's been a horrible year for Lil' Wayne and his fans. The release of Tha Carter 5 was held, he blame Birdman. Wayne got his tour bus shot up, and dropped lackluster mixtape after lackluster mixtape. Birdman has mentioned that Wayne is still Cash Money and will never leave. I don't think Carter 5 will see the light of day until Wayne straightens up, makes better music and hopefully patches up his relationship with Birdman. 

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Chance Gets His Chance
Correspondent: MG Media

Chance The Rapper performs

What's the chance that one of Chicago's up and coming rappers would make his national TV debut on Saturday Night Live? Well, that's what his fans can expect as Chance The rapper will be performing this Saturday on one of TV's longest running talent and variety shows. This is his moment to shine! And from all accounts, he'll not waste his chance to prove that he got skills and deserve to be mentioned as one of the best.

Chance has had an amazing year: Displaying his musical talents at Lollopalooza and other national festivals across the country. He was selected by Chicago Magazine as their Entertainer of the Year 2015. His dad, Ken Bennett, is the go to man for the mayor of Chicago. Plus his mentors are Kanye West, Common and Lupe Fiasco. Chance has not wasted his opportunities and we can wonder what he'll do in 2016.

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett (Chance the Rapper) is from West Chatham. In 2013, he began to gain major recognition following the release of his second mixtape Acid Rap. Chance is also a member of the Chicago collectiveHis father is a prominent presence in the city: He first served as an aide to former Chicago mayor Harold Washington and then worked for Barack Obama, who was a senator at the time. Williams-Bennett dreamed that his son might one day hold office. But Chance was always more interested in the arts, performing in talent shows from his pre-school days through high school at Chicago's esteemed Jones College Prep. 

In December 2011, he released a song titled Windows, and publicly announced his 10 Day project CD. After the song's release, in February 2012, Bennett was highlighted as one of Complex magazine's 10 New Chicago Rappers to Watch Out For. Bennett says he spent "about eight months recording, writing and making connections off of the hunger to put out something." After its release it has since been downloaded over 1,000,000 times. The mixtape would also grab the attention of Forbes magazine, which featured it in the publication's Cheap Tunes. Prior to writing and recording 10 Day, Chance The Rapper recorded the mixtape Good Enough and The Back to School Pack EP respectively.

Chance released his second mixtape Acid Rap, on April 30, 2013. It was also certified diamond after being downloaded over 1,000,000 times. The mixtape features guest appearances from Twista, Vic Mensa, BJ the Chicago Kid, Action Bronson, Childish Gambino and Ab-Soul. Acid Rap was strongly praised by music critics and fans alike. It was also nominated for Best Mixtape at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards.

In June 2013, Bennett was featured in a commercial for MySpace as part of their relaunch, alongside rappers Mac MillerPharrell and Schoolboy Q. In early July 2013, Acid Rap debuted at number 63 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums due to bootleg downloads on iTunes & AmazonAcid Rap was listed on multiple 50 best albums of 2013 lists, including 26th for Rolling Stone, 12th on Pitchfork's list, and ranked 4th by Complex. It was also listed as one of NPR Music's 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013.