Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Count Down: By Carl West

The time to show your support and not just by talking politics around the water cooler is now! Barack has finally opened his south side campaign office and volunteers are needed to hit the streets going door to door and working the phone banks to get every living person of all creed, color or origin registered to VOTE. The office is being managed by co-founder of the Chicago Young & Powerful, My’Ron McGee, and I’ve been asked to be on the hosting committee, an invitation which I have gladly accepted.

I take this opportunity serious and I wish all who can make an effort to step up and get involved will do so starting today! If you go to the national headquarters up north, it’s controlled by young hustling brothers and sisters who are not of the Negro persuasion. That’s been in discussion for months. How can we get Negroes involved in the process? This is it! We’ll bring the process to Negroes. To get active, email and ask for My’Ron and say you are ready for the count down.

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