Friday, August 8, 2008

Respect His Hustle By C.D. West

Some people are still terribly upset with Jesse L. Jackson and his mean spirited gesture of slicing the nuts of presidential hopeful Barack Obama for what he called talking down to Negroes.

We all agree that what Rev Jackson said in a public forum, which should have been a private moment was wrong and playa hating. But in the big scheme of things, the Reverend just got caught doing what we all have done from time to time when no one but our personal friends are present. So we should not let the negative media attention on this situation disown a man who has spent his entire life hustling for the people, himself and his children.

Even though his son checked him on his inappropriate words, Jr. knows his success is credited to his dad's ambitions for his children to have quality education and powerful political and business careers.

So remember, before you let your emotions or love for the new kid on the block fade your memory, Jesse, Sr. has done more for America than any other living person, and if we allow this unfortunate hot microphone episode to turn us against him, then we are the ones who should have our nuts sliced off.

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