Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From The Desk of Carl West

Chicago, Illinois- October 20, 2008- Hello Chicago and supporters of the yearly hip hop/R&B awards. The TRUTH Awards has been actively highlighting the best and brightest of Chicago, and it has been thus far the only award ceremony of its kind to honor and salute Chicago's emerging artist in various of categories.

After careful review and evaluation of the format of The TRUTH Awards, it's to the best interest from a business and logistical stand point that we change the present format to one that will better serve the interest of Chicago and it's commited sponsors.

I've been very proud of the support and love the award show has recieved over the last eight years, and I hope that the show continues to build on it's legacy. I will do everything in my power from a business point of view to continue the show, but to also attract the new emerging market of young and fresh hip hop heads who are looking to swagger their way to hip hop stardom from the Chi.

The new format will not consist of an open to everyone event. The TRUTH Awards Gala, as it will be called will only be produced for the winners of each catogory, special invited guest and tickets/table consumers. The winners will be notified in advance and will have a secured table for their friends, family and supporters to celebrate their victory.

The TRUTH Awards Gala will focus and raise funds for TRUTH 4 Literacy after school mentor program and Hip Hop Against H.I.V. awareness campaign, both founded by MG Media to bring much needed attention to the needs of our community.

Reading, writing and communication skills are lacking amongst some of our youth in the industry and AIDS is growing rapidly within the hip hop generation. And with the financial support of corporate partners like American Family Insurance, RX Chicago (Chicago Department of Public Health), Basauh (Illinois Department of Public Health), Walk Wireless/U.S. Cellular, South Side Community Federal Credit Union, PHLI, The TRUTH magazine, and other generous sponsors, The TRUTH Awards Gala will help shine a light in dark places in the coming years.

The performance part of the show will change as well. There will not be 10 - 12 acts, 5 artists will be carefully chosen to perform at the gala. There will be a fashion show produced exclusively by Johnny Fresh, one of the city's hottest young versitale talents to emerge since Sean Mac. I'm proud to have him on my team. As I move forward in my business, I'm looking to recruit young new bloods who can help my brand continue it's growth as they begin their journey in this tough and cut throat industry. Young Hustlers is the name of my team of 17 - 25 year old street bangers, and you will see these hustlers every where come next spring of 2009.

This is how it's going down at the yearly love fest until further notice. I only hope that all the real Chicago representers will support the winners and show that this city and every starving artists can not only swag on him or herself, but give swagger love to competitors and counterparts.

The new date for the award show gala will be announced soon and the winners will be posted on this and other sites this week. Thanks to all the nominees and continue to work hard and build your business, because there are some hungry young stunnas who are looking to take over this city and Barack has inspired them to change the game. Peace, one love and I'm Carl West. Holla back!

For event information contact: Carl West, Publisher/Editor/CEO MG Media 1-312-980-2681 P.O.Box 19082 Chicago, IL 60619

For publicity and special guest interviews contact: Hope Miles, Miles Media & Marketing, milesmediamarketing@gmail.com

About MG Media -A ten-year-old publishing and promotional company based in Chicago. MG Media publishes The TRUTH magazine: Hip Hop Culture at Its Best, The TRUTH magazine highlights Chicago's emerging hip-hop community with positive stories and attractive pictorials. MG Media produces The TRUTH Awards: Giving Respect to the Chicago Connect. The company also created Truth B Told, an e -newsletter focusing on politics and social issues effecting urban America, distributed weekly.

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