Tuesday, October 21, 2008

History in the Making

Forty plus years after the “I Have A Dream” speech by the great iconic Dr. King, and 45 years after Senator Kennedy proclaimed a Black man would be president; it looks like the fortune tellers and past leaders will witness their ideals become a reality.

Today we are standing in a place and time that should have everyone in tears. I was recently having a discussion with a mentor of mine and he, as he always does, gives it to me straight, sparing no truths. He talked about the founding fathers and how this country was constructed and laws passed based on the Constitution. He even went as far to pull his pocket size Constitution from his inner suit jacket and show me direct passages with a gleam.

As I sat there quiet and calm as usual, inside I wanted to cry thinking about the possibilities not only for myself, but millions of others who only have to dream and see themselves in the place where they want to be. To open their minds, spread their wings and create a plan and not waver from that goal, but to only enhance it and engage with people who want to see them succeed.

If you surround yourself with positive people who also have goals and aspirations, they will join you and share in your journey, because your journey can be their journey fulfilled.

Barack Obama is standing on the door step of history and he has decided to make history in a big way. He has pulled out the big guns and is mounting a charge that will hopefully send an astounding message to the world that a black man with spirit, soul, intellect, relationships, compassion, fight, family and vision can not only become the leader of the free world, but dominate and change the game. Yes Barack decided long ago he wanted his name mentioned in history in this competition, much the same way Michael Jordan competed on the hard wood and elevated hoops, just like Oprah reinvented television and branding. The same way Tiger Woods is rewriting golf’s history, and of course the same way past community leaders, sports history makers, political messengers, historians and others have championed their life’s mission to see this day far from their futures, but knew it would come.

Barack is not only changing political and election history, but he’s giving all Black America’s past notables and regular Joe and Josephine plumber payback for decades of hardship, mistreatment, alienation, torture and abuse. Barack is whipping the butts of the slave masters who still can’t conceive of a Black man leading this great nation. But let’s remember, he’s not doing this without the help of the slave master’s sons and daughters who see a different nation for the future of their children and grand children, as well as their own personal and professional objectives.

I have just endured my own personal set back and it has been painful the last several months. I’ve had to rethink my short to long term goals of family and relationships and it has taken a mental toll on my brain, and a hit on my spiritual faith. But as I regroup from my loss, my pastor continues to pray with me and script sermons to address my issues, which is probably shared by many. And with the support and encouragement of family, friends and associates I know this too shall pass. Pastor Alvin Richards recently said to me my mind was too valuable to be lost or confused. But most of all I think of the journey ahead of me and how I want Barack’s success to translate into my success, and with that I move forward.

I’m so proud of the road this young brother has taken to achieve his success, and regardless if he wins or not, his accomplishments will never be questioned and his legacy after November 4th will be written. But I’m sure for him, this is just the beginning, and his dream is to see hundreds if not hundreds of thousands young boys and girls from the inner cities, suburbia and anywhere were two or more can join and dream the impossible dream. Only then will his experiment with this country be really fulfilled. Peace, one love and I’m Carl West.

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