Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank You Mr. President Elect: By Carl West

As we prepare to give thanks on this holiday season, I must give a big holla to the man who will sit at the head of the table carving the direction for this country for the next 4 years. I want to thank him for putting his life along with the safety of his family on the line as he embarks on his goal as president. I want to thank him for being prepared to compete at the highest level. I want to thank him for showing the world how a man can evolve into whatever he sees fit for himself, and no task is too small or too big to over come. I want to thank him for giving me hope that change is not only possible but probable, and dreams can be fulfilled regardless how outrageous the dream sounds.

Barack didn’t have to take this journey; his life would have been great without holding the office of presidency, but he chose to make history. If people know anything about the pursuit of happiness, it can sometimes be a lonely journey when the lights go out and it’s just you and your spirit.

We don’t expect you to change the makeup of America over night. We don’t expect you to paint the white house black, and we don’t expect you to make my bills go away. What I expected from you, you delivered on November 4th, and what more can I ask of you. The question for me is what can I ask of myself?

Black Americans can rest assured that with his appointments and associations with some of Chicago’s Black elites like Desiree Rogers, Valerie Jarrett, John Rogers, Jim Reynolds, Les Coney, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Emil Jones, Rev Jesse Jackson, Melody Hopson and others, that a whole lot of soul will be stomping at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave soon after January 20th, and I can’t wait.

Mr. President Elect, you’ve raised the bar, and I hope that every American can see how high the bar has been shifted, and has become a level obtainable by us all. And as we struggle through this horrifying economy, hopefully we’re planning an exit strategy so when the smoke finally clears and after the ashes are wiped away rebuilding must begin.

So Mr. Hyde Park, you have done well. I’ve seen how high the bar has been raised and I’m ready to lace up my combat boots and prepare for battle. Holla back – CW

PS: I want to thank all who have added value to my life this year of 2008. I want to say thanks for all the very kind words during my brief illness and personal issues. I also want to thank all my business partners/associates who helped make my life exciting and blessed beyond my wildest.

Regardless of the struggles and hardships, I truly know I’m a gift from God, and he wouldn’t have taken me down this decade long journey to not have me continue my work in his footsteps. Peace, one love and I’m Carl West – Happy holidays to all and to all a good life.

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