Monday, December 22, 2008

Action Jackson, Jr.


I have not always been a supporter of Jesse Jackson, Jr., and that sentiment was only felt because I didn’t understand politics, so I held him to a higher standard and his family name also affected my decisions about him.

I was in support of a youth movement who resembled my vision and progressions into the world of business, but not politics. But when I had the chance to sit down with him after arranging a meeting, which he quickly responded and agreed too, I realized we where not so different. And since that face time several years ago, I’ve grown to have a fond like and belief in him as a man, father, husband, brother and son.

So it bothers me to see his name, image, and legacy being dampened throughout the governors alleged miss doings. In my growth as a man with a child and business interests, I’ve learned to not pass judgment on anyone unless they’ve directly affected me and mine. If they’ve done an unspeakable act, or something unethical, I still hold my opinions to myself, especially if I’m not asked.

I ask the great people of Chicago and abroad to give this young talented brother the benefit of the doubt and give him the chance to retain his historical name which he and his family worked so hard to accomplish.

Remember, for every goal trying to be achieved, there is someone else who wants the same for him or herself, and if you’re in the way, you may be hated on and told that it’s not personal. While some may hate for personal reasons, others hate for the love of power, money and fame.

Men, before you hate on Jesse Jr., take care of your children, respect your wives and pursue and invest in your dreams. Women, before you judge, call Sandy Jackson and ask her how to secure, please, and support a powerful man with ambitions. Holla back - CW

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  1. My Brother, I'm praying that what I am reading isn't true.

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