Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The TRUTH Awards '09 Recap and Photos

Carl West Presents The TRUTH Awards '09 Weekend was a great success. I personally want to thank all my family, friends and foe for attending the 9th annual hip hop/R&B awards on Friday, Oct 9th & 10th. The love fest of support for the winners was extraordinary and over 500 people walked the rained out red carpet to show love for one of Chicago's most celebrated entertainment events.

Thanks to my political associates who supported the show as celebrity presenters like 3rd Ward Alderman Pat Dowell, 20th Ward Alderman Willie Cochran, 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr, Clerk of the Court Dorothy Brown, Riverdale newly elected Mayor Deyon Dean and candidate for 7th Congressional District Darlena Williams - Burnett, and other celebrity presenters Daryyll King With the Bling from 106 Soul, Kendall Moore from WVON,

The performances where hot and the winners gracefully expressed their gratitude. The co-hosts kept the show moving and I want to say thanks much to Keno from Power 92, Seandale from Raw TV/Fox and Raw Radio/Power 92 and Bionce Foxx for their professionalism and patience.

The corporate partners who help make an event like this relevant gets my next to biggest shout outs like American Family Insurance, Coors Light, Coca Cola, RX Chicago, Hennessy Black, Three Olive Vodka, 1800 Silver Tequila, City Alert and I can't express my thanks enough for Brand Jordan for providing the presenters, performers and co-hosts with the latest edition of Air Jordan sneakers.

The TRUTH Salutes..Legends and Pioneers in Music, Entertainment and Media was an intimate and exclusive event on Saturday honoring some of Chicago's unsung hero's who've help bring the city to the powerhouse and most recognizable market in the country.

It was great to give special recognition to George & Regina Daniels, Yvette Moyo, Carter Russell, Maurice White and Jerome Simmons, all people who've touched my life over my decade or so years in the industry I love and support.

Thanks to Three Olive Vodka, 1800 Silver Tequila, Hennessy Black and Coca Cola for supplying unlimited beverages all weekend.

Finally, I want to thank my incredible team for working tireless to present this 9th annual event. As we look to the future and plan for our decade event next year, we anticipate the 10th annual hip hop/R&B awards will be the hottest, and most sought after ticket in Chicago on Friday, Oct 8th, 2010. Also thank the two dozen volunteers from Gwendolyn Brooks High School and Kennedy King College. Peace one love.

I'm so proud to bring my latest global business venture. Below is TRUTH B Told News Service: Building a New Generation of Leaders will launch next month with over 500,000 email boxes receiving the weekly news letter focusing on identifying and profiling the next generation of leaders. President Barack Obama has issued a call to service and change, and throughout this new expressive media outlet, will not just promote new leaders of change, we will challenge hip hop culture and a demographics two generations removed from the civil rights movement to step up and make service our legacy.

TRUTH B Told will be a general market outlet, because if we're to see a change in America's culture of ignorance and disrespect, growth and prosperity, my generation, and the generation to follow must decide to get active in the community which we live, work and play. We must SERVE! That's the only way progress will be made. We are the parents and grand parents of the youth movement that's in some respects, moving in the wrong direction, and we're responsible for changing their course of action or interaction.

So join TRUTH B Told, New Generation Leadership Council (NGLC), as we call to action every person ages 25 - 45, black, white, Latino, Asian and others to stand up and take charge of your community by mentoring, volunteering and engaging the next generation of leaders. We are all connected. CW

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