Sunday, January 24, 2010

TBT News Service Announces Chicago's 10 Most Fascinating People and or Stories of the Last Decade

This article featured in Chicago Now; N' "Business and Entreprenuership" By Scott L Steward, for N'Digo MagazineView Article

1.The election of Barack Obama, the 1st Black President of the United States of America; who would have known that by the start of another decade in the early 21st century, the past activities of racism and bigotry would join together in the majority and place a Black face at the helm of the free world? Regardless of Obama's policies and accomplishments, this monumental decision by the American people should motivate and inspire future generations to believe, and reach for their dreams.

2.The removal of a two term sitting governor from his post as CEO of the State of Illinois was something that took all Chicagoans by surprise. Former Governor Rod Blagojevich was accused of abusing his office as an alleged ATM to keep his friends, family and foes rolling in the loot. As long as they agreed to return favors and exchange cash, they would have the pin number to the cash station machine parked in the halls of Springfield.

3.The unexpected early elimination of Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics had the assembled power team stuck with their mouths wide open. They raised the money; they galvanized parts of the city, and brought in major muscle in national and international Olympians including former NBA greats Magic Johnson and David Robinson, as well as iconic media mogul Oprah Winfrey to lend a voice to capture the flame. But throughout it all, the opposition rained on the parade of Mayor Daley's legacy and sent Chicago's Copenhagen entourage home packing with their "tails between their legs" minus tens of millions of tax dollars.

4.R. Kelly's not guilty verdict of inappropriate sexual contact with an under age groupie kept people watching like a train wreck. The world was split down the middle on this alleged story of urination and misconduct against a young lady who for all intensive purposes vanished like a puff of smoke before the trial. All that was left was his millions of adoring fans, and his over jealous protractors wanting their own personal justice to be inflicted on the 'Pied Piper'. In the end, the King of R&B was given his pen, paper and microphone to continue his foreplay lyrical genius.

5.Mayor Daly has seen the walls crumble around him with the Hired Truck Scandal, as he has seen alleged childhood friends, business associates and loyal campaign supporters walk the plank and head directly to Statesville. There have been over two dozen or more supposed scandals under his twenty year reign as boss, but the man called the 'Teflon Don' has managed to remain unfazed by allegations without his office ever being indicted. Through it all he beautified a city, but will only be remembered for overseeing a failed school system, and a city besieged by patronage and mismanagement of funds. But when the money is being given to the right people, it can't be called mismanaged, just payment for services rendered.

6.Chicago has seen three Blacks travel to Washington, D.C. as U.S. Senators during the last decade. First Carol Moseley Braun was the first Black woman in the good ole white male club, then our current President out foxed his scandal latent opponents to be the second Black from Chi town, and before his seat cooled, he won the presidency and opened the halls of Congress to current U.S. Senator Roland Burris, the most maligned third Black to hold court on a part time basis.

7.Jennifer Hudson, the darling of America has had the fastest rise to stardom in the history of the entertainment industry. She first was unfairly booted from the popular talent show, American Idol, and then spent a few months traveling the seven seas singing on cruise ships, and performing at The TRUTH Awards '07, followed by a leading roll in Dream Girls" along side R&B sensation Beyonce. J Hud went on to win an Academy Award (The Oscar) for best supporting actress in the popular musical Dream Girls, and followed that with a Grammy award from her first CD for her lead single, Spot Light, and another supporting roll in the Sex and the City feature film. But her many overnight triumphs couldn't shield her from realities of life in the hood, as her mother, brother and nephew were brutally killed in an alleged domestic dispute turned ugly.

8.With all his many unwarranted outburst, Kanye West has still been the most recognizable and talented producer/artist of the last five years. Kanye has won multiple Grammy's, been sought out to produce some of today's most popular and energetic sounds for music and films. Kanye has been labeled a genius from top performers in the record business, and his songs have been used in the NBA and NFL the last two years. West has overcome his own personal loss as he experienced the untimely death of his mother, Dr. Donda West; who was by far his biggest fan and supporter. She also helped manage his personal and business affairs to assure he was getting the best possible advice and council when deciding his lucrative and long term career.

9.With the Clear Channel partnership and 24 hours of content, WVON 1690 AM became a major player in mainstream news in a market that has over a dozen top tier outlets led by WGN Talk, WGCI & B96 music formats. This joint venture allowed AM 1690 to secure the opinionated civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton to host his very own nationally syndicated medium. They brought in a solid program director, which has given life to a repetitive daily talk format, which sometimes lacked diversity while discussing the same topics around the clock. The only change in content occured during the weekend line up. Today, the station has remained the voice of the people.

10.Oprah's retirement from morning television was news around the world, and maybe on another planet. The queen of media can also be labeled the king of media with all her properties under her Harpo Productions. She has T.V., radio, satellite radio, cable, movie distribution, book club, charities and land investments. Oprah has by far surpassed everyone's expectations and with her youthful years in her early 50's, she has only just begun to cement her name and Black face in the hearts and minds of generations to come.

Honorable mentions: Rev Jackson calling out Barack and his nuts, Playboy's demise as CEO and Hugh Hefner's daughter Christy Hefner's defected, Don Thompson as first Black president of McDonald's U.S.A. with over 14,000 stores in the U.S. under his leadership, Chicago's unemployment rate at 10.5% and 35% in the Black community, Ebony/Jet magazine drop in circulation and popularity with a lack of leadership, CPS as one of the worst school systems in the country with high crime and unthinkable student failure rate.

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