Thursday, April 15, 2010

No One Got Swaggar Like Barack!

A popular magazine recently did a story of the definition of cool, and Barack was listed the coolest of the cool. This is unarguably the realest statement about Mr. President. No one has swaggar like does, and when he walks across the White House grassy green lawn, it looks like he's floating on air.
Not to mention his educational credentials, which makes him even more appealing. Even with his sub par professional work resume, it still out weighs must of his adversaries.
In an age of imagery through television, magazines, newspapers and music videos along with pretty face reality show stars; baby faced, slender frame and stern demeanor Obama, makes him the right man at the right time to appeal to tens of millions of young, upwardly mobile Americans looking for a personal connection.
His stride is polished and his attire is corporate, but yet fashionable and influential. Even when he removes his sport coat and tie, and rolls up his sleeve, he looks like the guy next door cutting his grass on a hot summer evening after a long day at the office. And when he's spending time with the family at local parks or museums wearing khakis and polo shirts, his swaggar is still hood ready.
Barack has been blessed with the swag of your hottest hip hop star, or the lead singer in a critically acclaimed rock band. Obama is the second coming of cool, and his cool is the ultimate, but with his ambitions and dreams of being a great president with two terms, he must give way to a harsh reality.
One of his role models and major supporters Ted Kennedy passed away, and the Kennedy legacy will live forever. Not because of his work in the Senate, but the name brand will transcend generations to come. I wonder does Barack think about his legacy, and wish his accomplishments will be remember longed after he's gone. History will be written for his historic election, but how will his brand be passed on?
I love the Kennedy family and what papa Joe set up in the early 20Th century, as him and his wife spit out the future of the Kennedy empire, Mr. Joe Kennedy knew the destiny of his boys as he groomed them for a life of politics, business, philanthropy and as community servants.
Regardless how popular and groundbreaking Barack has become, once his terms of presidency has expired, the name Obama will be short lived and placed as footnotes, as the history of America is scripted. Not that his story want be written as an inspiration to millions, but his brand will not continue as other great leaders have lived for centuries through their off springs.
The Bushes remain a relevant name after two previous presidents enshrined their name in the history books. Presently, there are several other bush off offspring's who are actively involved in politics. And the Kennedy's have dominated politics for nearly a century and with the tentacles of the family name, they look to have input in politics for another century and beyond.
President Barack has two smart and gifted children who will become very successful leaders in their own right, but they are too young for him to pass on the brand to follow in his footsteps of politics. They may become influential within the elitist status symbol of former president's daughters, but will they ever etch their names in the halls of Congress and the White House?
Does Barack want that? When a man creates an empire, and being C.E.O. of the great U.S.A., it's the ultimate enterprise, and he wants that property or brand to be passed on, and the torch carried brightly for continued greatness.
No one can match his swag, but if Barack had to trade that cool in to have the Obama brand continued for decades to come, I'm sure he would. Then and only then, would the swaggar he possess be worth every smirk, wave and soft step. Peace, one love and I'm Carl West.


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  2. Wow. Our economy, our lives depends on someone's 'swagger'. Forget his 'sub par' credentials. He floats as he walks across the lawn. The reals important thing.