Sunday, January 30, 2011

MEDIA MATTERS - The Return of 63rd Street

Best Thing About Chicago: The Arts Scene
Worst Thing About Chicago: The Jacked Up Traffic on Circle Interchange
Who are You: I'm just a talk show host trying to advance civilization through harsh opinion.

Dr. Garrard McClendon is also a professor, and author of Ax or Ask? : The African American Guide to Better English. Garrard taught school for 17 years and then decided to chase his childhood dream of being a talk show host

For two years, he hosted Garrard McClendon LIVE in Chicago on CLTV. Before that, he hostedThe McClendon Report on Comcast NWI Network and WVON AM 1690 and WJOB. You can catch him giving commentary on Power 92 (Chicago).

Thursday, January 27th, is the start of a new way of looking at 63rd street (Chicago), as Garrard will premiere his latest chat fest, "Off 63rd with Garrard McClendon. A 30 minute public affairs show airing live at 6:30pm on WYCC. The show will feature a panel of guest discussing current issues in politics, education and pop culture.

"Follow your dreams, they will come true. My goal is to show people the boldness of the 1st Amendment and to give people a voice", McClendon expresses. In his free time, he loves flying radio controlled helicopters.

'Off 63rd' is a production of WYCC, the largest minority managed PBS station in the country reaching millions in 26 surrounding counties in the Midwest. To express yourself, call the live-line, 773.487.3630.

Call SMG Talk to book Garrard for your next speaking engagement, 312-226-5552.

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