Monday, February 21, 2011


Correspondent: Caleb Brown

As the days near for the final vote to see who will remain or who will unseat the incumbents across this city to start a new direction of leadership in City Council under Chicago's first new mayor in over twenty years. 6th ward incumbent Freddrenna Lyle reached out for some final thoughts on why she deserves another four years.

CB: Who is Freddrenna Lyle?
FL: You've seen me in the parks running programs to get our children off the streets, you've seen me on TV fighting for contracts, police and snow removal equipment. I fight for my seniors helping with their gas, utility, circuit breaker and property tax forms. This is who I am!

CB: What are the challenges facing your ward?
FL: No doubt our ward has been through some rough times. The economy is bad, the schools are teaching children with no parental support, we're short police officers, good neighbors are dying off and building owners are failing to screen their tenants. None of these are my fault, however, as your alderman I've been fighting every one of those issues across the ward. There are now businesses where vacant storefronts used to stand - We have a lot more to work on. In fact, Police Department's Problem Building Committee started in the 3rd District, as Commander Brown and I worked together to rid our neighborhood of these nuisance properties.

CB: Where do you see the most significant area for growth?
FL: I've been

fighting for a re-allocation of police manpower since 2005, and finally we got it this year. We needed youth services, so I got funding for youth service providers to come into the ward. When that wasn't enough I applied for a federal grant and we're running mentoring programs in four schools. I'm working on every problem we have, from senior housing to childhood obesity. This is a record, not campaign rhetoric.

CB: Why do you want to continue and what can you offer?
FL: I'm number seven in seniority in the City Council. I'm one of the experts on the city legislative process. Labor supports me and so does business! They are backing me because they know the City Council needs someone who understands the serious problems of the city and is not afraid to sign her name.

Will Burns knows the 4th ward faces many challenges from economic uncertainty, to underperforming schools, crime in the neighborhoods, and corruption in politics. As State Representative, he's worked hard to address these issues and with voters support, as the next alderman of the 4th ward he believes he can bring added changes and improve the lives of residents.

"I'll work hard to protect our communities from crime, help our schools produce students able and ready to compete in the 21st Century, fight for transparency and openness in government, and protect our environment. These are not problems that can be set aside, but rather must be dealt with in a clear and transparent manner. And with the input of our entire community, we can
create a better city for future generations", express Burns.

"The 4th ward is a community with a rich history; a center of culture and ideas and a hub for arts and learning, and we must work to continue and enhance that great tradition. We are bonded together through our shared interest, and we can build on the work of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to ensure a greater ward and city for our children."

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