Thursday, February 24, 2011

PUBLISHER'S PEACE: Defining My Identity

Yesterday I voted with my emotions in the mayoral election, and I'm pleased with that decision. I really felt compelled to attempt to be a part of or make history. And most Blacks can contest to that fact after 98% of Blacks voted for current President Barack Obama and the chance to make history. If he would have been a Republican, loyal Democratic Blacks would have still supported President Obama.

Today I hand over the political commentary to someone who has a much better handle on the process and he loves the stuff. I will not be writing anything political again untilMayor Daley finally leaves office - and boy do I have an article for him.

Maze Jackson is the official Political Correspondent for, and he'll bring the heat on all things politics nationally and locally. He was made for this moment, because once again he lives for the political arena. I don't have the stomach for the back stabbing and cut throat behavior within the landscape of politics. It saddens me to question myself, when I can't believe what I see or hear. It’s hard to understand that whatever is said to me is probably not what it seems or sounds like.

Maze is co-founder, along with myself and founding board member Larry Rogers, Jr of Next Generation Leadership Council (NGLC), which was started to identify, engage and profile the next generation of leaders in business, politics, education and social service.

During these elections I've learned so much about myself and others, as I fully got engulfed in the process of giving my opinion and displaying some facts about what, who, when and where. These last few months where defining moments for the news service and my personal and professional development. I'll mainly construct content relevant to business and community activism, as well as entertainment and sports, along with other celebrated correspondents.

I expressed to Maze that I don't really care about making friends as I attempt to build an on-line media company. I only want to be respected for the work. As the founder of a much needed news and information outlet showcasing positive and productive images to tens of thousands of readers, I hope speaks for itself, as we both grow and progress.

I relate my feelings to a sport analogy, which I often like to do. Imagine super star athletes having millions of fans who support them for their actions on the field of play. And the corporate sponsors who partners with them based on their greatness and accomplishments. If these athletes walk into a room of 100 people, it's almost assured that 51 will not like them, and 49 will.

But what the entire 100 likes and support is the athlete's excellent performance on that field of play. And rather it's basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, football or baseball, if the super star athlete performs their task with great perfection, and entertains the 100 people in the room, that's all that's important when measuring and defining those athletes.

Most of the 100 in the room don't even know the athletes and their character, their lifestyle and family obligations. They only know the performance and RESPECTS them for that. The athlete doesn't need to be friends with the fans or with the corporate partners who sponsor or advertise with them. All the fans and corporate partners ask is the athlete stays focus on the task at hand.

And for me, that task is delivering a real and comforting news service every day detailing the aspects of its

mission five days a week. Because in the end, that's all I can do, and I hope the 100 in the room respect me

when they evaluate the realities of life and the brand. Peace and one love.

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