Monday, February 14, 2011

PUBLISHER'S PEACE: Political Preachers?

Correspondent: CDW

The mayoral and aldermanic election is closing in, and everyone who cares has let their voices and thoughts be heard. Either they're blogging, writing op Ed articles, doing paid surrogate commercials on radio or joining in several televised debates.

These two important positions (I count the election of all fifty wards for alderman one position) will help usher a new brand of leadership, and not just from the political side, but within the business, social service and spiritual community.

Each of these entities have their deserving voice in the direction of Chicago and how the pie should be divided and shared with all its players at the seat representing their flock.

That leads me to the one area where the leaders of the flock should not be present. The spiritual component should only be heard when advising their people of the spiritual implication of government and giving guidance to their members or candidates who attend their respective houses of worship.

I don't want to hear from my pastor or any pastor telling me who and how to vote. Their job is to advise from the internal, or with the soul, not with the head. Don't try and get in my head with why I should consider one over the other.

I had a pastor friend call me on Friday and request my company at this luncheon being planned by a group ministers. He also mentioned that a certain mayoral candidate was coming to his church and I should be there.

After both these request for my time, I finally asked who is the candidate coming to your church, and why is this luncheon so important? He pronounced Rahm Emanuel for both occasions, so I hung up. He called back thinking the call dropped, and I replied it didn't, it was me saying good bye and good day.

Over the last few weeks, a local celebrated radio station has been playing a commercial where this so-called spiritual leader declares himself as the pastor of the late former Mayor Harold Washington. First, he should not be allowed to use Washington's name to endorse any candidate. So what, you was his pastor, or you’ve been ordained by a certain great man. That was thirty and fifty years ago respectfully.

This dude of a preacher should be ashamed for allowing himself to be pimped and insisting that his congregation and others, who barely know he exist, be influenced and follow his decision about a candidate for mayor.

Go back to the sanctuary, do confession and ask to forgive your sins for trying to lure the people into a false sense of reality that one man is any better than the other. In the eyes of my God - all men and women are created equal. Peace and one love.

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