Monday, February 21, 2011

PUBLISHER'S PEACE: Vote Your Interest, But Vote Your History

I see Black people supporting non Blacks, and it seems unrealistic. Everyone has the right to vote as they see, and with the diverse group of candidates, it's the ultimate time to prove the Black community is not a monolithic group.

I think the world or better yet, we already know that about yourselves. But yet we have proven to vote on ones' race, and Barack proved that in 2008. Because 98% of Blacks voted for him because he was Black, and if he was a Republican, Blacks would have switch their position and still voted for him, while holding stead fast on the Democratic ticket.

There is an opportunity to make history, and when you have a chance to be a part of history and progress, you must show your pride and acknowledge your history in order to make history. The one and only question I ask anybody. And this is for people I know, but for most I don't. What is your total logic for not joining the pledge for history?

And if you are voting for anyone other than Dock Walls, PatriciaWatkins or majo

r contender, and possible winner Carol Moseley Braun, what do you hope to accomplish? With the remaining three candidates not named, if you're supporting them, exactly what do you personally or professionally expect to get in return? We all know how this political system works, and it has been cruel and mean. It has turned its back on many who have shown it love in the past.

Blacks have voted for whites all our lives, and we've rolled with that process because we had not other choices. In my estimate, Carol ain't no better than Dock, Dock ain't no better then Rahm, Rahm ain't no better than Carol, Patricia ain't no better than Chico,

Del Valle ain't no better than Walls, and Rahm ain't no better than Carol. So my point is, when we're looking at six people who can all give us the same things, now we must know, understand and acknowledge history.

Regardless who becomes mayor, they'll have to appoint people who know more than they do and can do things they can't do. It's how you run a company. Melody Spann - Cooper owns and operates WVON, but the talented smart people she employs does the work and make the station function. They program formats, they sell commercials and they chat 24 hours a day - that's the product!

Jim Reynolds, John Rogers and John Sterling own and operates Loop Capital, Ariel Investments and Sync Solutions respectably, but each man rely on teams of people hand picked to control the day - to - day functions that contribute to their businesses tremendous success.

So the same thing goes for each candidate running for mayor and who ever wins. What they don't know, who they don't know means nothing, because they'll find the right people to fill in the holes. Just ask our present day mayor. You think he's a road scholar, PhD graduate or astute intellectual. LOL - think again.

This system has no friends, only immediate associates, and those associates can be tossed aside once the votes have been counted. If you have aligned yourself with the other three remaining non white candidates for what ever reason, I truly hope the reasons pay-off and you can financially see the rewards of your allegiance. If not, just remember I told you so - Vote Your Interest, But Vote Your History. Because when it's all said and done, you can't go wrong when you look yourself in the mirror and your history stares back at you puzzled, and confused - asking the man in the mirror - WHY? Peace and one love.

FYI: Didn't Rev. Meeks allegedly drop out of the mayoral race to completely support Carol Braun. So why would he host the Daley boys and mayoral candidates Gery Chicoand Rahm Emanuel at Salem on the most important and last Sunday prior to the election and not Carol?

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