Friday, March 18, 2011

POLITICS AS USUAL: Imaginary Players

Political Correspondent: Maze Jackson

A few months ago during the initial phases of the consensus debacle, I unintentionally offended some younger politicos because they thought I questioned their credibility. I really didn’t intend to offend, but given the weight of the decisions being made, I simply asked, “What have you done that gives you a seat at THIS table?”

Looking back, I most assuredly could have addressed the issue with much more tact, but I was frustrated with the entire process. Like Jay-Z talked about, I wanted to determine if these cats were IMAGINARY PLAYERS. The young brothers rightfully defended their position, and ultimately turned out to be REAL PLAYERS, and the so-called leaders turned out to be the IMAGINARY PLAYERS (more on that at a later date.)

But essentially the question remains, as we begin to consider WHO will be the candidates of the NOW GENERATION - who and what determines a person as ready? I have a long term theory on how we make people ready in the future (NEXT GENERATION), but what about us, the NOW GENERATION? How do we determine the REAL PLAYERS compared to the IMAGINARY PLAYERS?
“They got flash now…” I ask this question because I’m often torn when it comes to supporting the young candidates that run for alderman. Full disclosure, I generally work for and currently consult incumbents, so often I’m on the opposing side of the group that I want most to succeed, my peers! It sometimes feels like I’m smashing a mirror, because when I work against a young aspiring candidate, it’s ALMOST like I’m taking a version of myself out. But I said ALMOST, because often times I see those same candidates and I know they haven’t really done what it takes to win.

Do they have the most lawn signs in the parkways, slickest literature, and outstanding resume? They sure do! Will they mortgage their homes to get those billboards? You bet they will! Are they smarter than the current alderman? Without a doubt in their minds! But would I bet on them? Not a chance! Not right now at least. Are they ready? They got flash now…

“Time will reveal money.” If they were ready, they would know what their PATH TO VICTORY is based on polling, not guts. If they were ready, they would have been raising funds for at least one year prior to running, with a minimum of $100,000 in the campaign account. If they were ready they would have attended community meetings throughout their WHOLE community, not just their neighborhood. If they were ready, they would have knocked on every door in their district. If they were ready, they would have met with every elected official that has any jurisdiction in their area. If they were ready, they would have a record of service in their community that began long before the “opportunity” became available.

If they had all that, they’d have what “time will reveal - money “, from their community and we’d have candidates we could support.

(Maze Jackson, political consultant, co-founder Next Generation Leadership Council. or on Facebook

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