Monday, April 4, 2011


Less than 48 hours before 28 men and women will know their faith. With fourteen wards in run-offs and two people in each ward competing for the fourteen aldermanic seats, that means fourteen individuals will come up short in the races.

People asked if, Next Generation Leadership Council or I will be making endorsements on these highly contested races for City Council, and the answer! I reluctantly excused myself, NGLC and TBTNS from being personally and professionally involved. And I'll gladly express why the decision to lend an endorsement was not in play this time around collectively and individually.

Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the majority of the wards, the incumbents and their challengers, so that places me at a disadvantage to endorse one candidate over another. And the wards I'm familiar with, also has me at a much unforeseen disadvantage. Let's look at two wards that are by all Chicago standards, the two most recognized and heated fields of the fourteen ward run-offs.

The 6th Ward is going down to the wire and both candidates, including incumbent Freddrenna Lyle has been a very dear and supportive associate of mine. Whenever I needed access to the ward to present projects and business opportunities, Freddrenna always responded favorably and her doors where open for discussion.

And 6th Ward challenger, Roderick Sawyer and I have been very cordial associates for a decade or more, and his respect as we've traveled in various circles has always been appreciated.

Now we look at the 20th Ward with first time alderman Willie Cochran, who keeps me engaged in Woodlawn activities, given the fact I recently moved in the ward. Cochran is very receptive to any suggestions and observations about how the community can become a better place for its residence.

And of course, I've been in the battle for hip hop supremacy with Che "Rhymefest" Smith for years, as we both want to see Chicago become the Mecca for entertainment. He's performed at my hip hop awards, and played a major role in Kanye West's success as one of the leading players in pop culture.So you see my dilemma. It's one I truly hate being faced with personally, professionally and socially. I value what the incumbents have done, and their vision for the wards are exactly what I would love to see happen.

And my dreams of seeing a hip hop head with incredible intellect lead and construct plans for the future of the next generation of leaders would bring a big smile to my face. And Roderick has such convictions about his desire to lead the ward in which I was raised in, and love dearly; function on all cylinders is worth noting.

So for me, and the founding board members of Next Generation Leadership Council, we're going to step aside and let the voters do what they do best. And that's give their support to who they think can bring results and progress to communities that's hungry and needs change. Peace and one love.

NOTE: There is this awesome woman I met several weeks ago and saw her again over the weekend. Sandra Finley, president/CEO of League of Black Women is the most remarkable and inspiration woman I know, right next to Dee Robinson Reed of Robinson Hill Group, one of the only few minority food supply/vendors in the country and Alisa Starks, co-owner of ICE Theaters.

These women combine professionalism, family and community service. They understand the dynamics of what makes successful women, and it's not what you do downtown or any parts of town in relation to your profession.

They understand your total commitment is to the people who look like you. And that means serving them when you can and how you can. For all my lady friends and women I don't know, these women don't define themselves by men or their careers, but they understand the importance of both, especially MAN!

What they have in common is a love for their community. I recommend any woman who thinks she's hot and got it all together, if you're not a member of an organization where you're serving your people, and the causes of the Black women's movement in this country, then you need to see Sandra. I'm looking to host a speaking engagement with Mrs. Finley keynoting and special guests Ms. Reed and Mrs. Starks. BECOME A MEMBER NOW!

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