Monday, April 4, 2011

PUBLISHER’S PEACE: The Final Count Down Continues

The boys are back in town and they don't like what they see. Once again, this is not an editorial on politics, it Is a discussion about the importance of voting and voting for the person of your choice. There are fourteen aldermanic races involved in run-offs and the mud and the kitchen sink is being tossed around and the boys are playing hard ball.

This is a very important race and everyone's got their horse rounding the final laps, anticipating and hoping for even the slimmest of a margin of victory, which still gets them a seat in Chicago City Council. 20th Ward incumbent Willie Cochran, who's only been in city council one term, and from all account, he likes being a part of the knights at the round table. And if he's had cheap seats before becoming an alderman, he sure doesnt want those seat anymore. He's running an interesting race, and Cochran is playing to win - not show.

Cochran is cool as they come for a man who may lose his seat, if he doesn't find the right connection to the youth voters, who have changed their allegiance week by week. The 20th Ward challenger for the much discussed fastest growing ward on the south side is being given a serious look. Che "Rhymefest' Smith has touched a nerve in a select group of voters who think he's the right man for the aldermanic position. They're convinced he's the change they can believe in, and they have been showing up at social gatherings hearing his message and lending him campaign contributions.

Yep, I said lending him loot. Because my generation keeps tabs on their money when it's being used for good, but will go downtown and give it away to people who wouldn't even give them 50 cents off a plate of wings. But in the end, they have every right to spend their money anyway they see fit. Just take it nice and slow, and count your votes and make sure Che gonna pay you back win or lose.

6th Ward challenger Roderick Sawyer is also looking to show he's not just a bench warmer who's happy being on the team. Actually, Sawyer is not just interested being added to the starting line-up but coaching his own team to the championship. His campaign is banging out literature every other day and calling plays that would make Phil Jackson happy.

He understands that the incumbent will not be going away easily, if at all. So he can't take nothing to chance, or leave any stone unturned. The people will truly decide who they want to lead them into the next decade, because whoever wins this race, probably will hold down that seat for the next two to three terms.

Most people I talk to can't wait until this mess is over. This election process has been so draining on all the voters. And after April 5th, 9 - 9:30 pm, drinking parties will flow throughout all fourteen wards celebrating, not the winners; but the end of poll sheets, palm cards, hand shakin' or placards in their yards taking away from their nice green gardens they're trying to grow.

I have just one more thing to express. Treat April 5th like it's the $100 million lotto grand prize, and you're rushing to the corner market to get fourteen tickets. And while you're in route, stop and fill out YOUR ballot! Who knows - you might get lucky. Peace and one love.

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