Friday, June 17, 2011

SPEAK THE TRUTH: 300 and Counting...

Its been one year since MG Media launched, the newest and most engaging daily on-line media platform identifying and profiling the next generation of leaders through the ever growing and changing social media landscape. MG Media's CEO & TBTNS's Publisher / Managing Editor Carl West has embarked on a major undertaken and has prepared himself to advance this incredible new property after accomplishing his primary goal of producing and distributing 300 editions of his latest publishing and marketing brand.

David - Chicago, IL: When did you actually produce your 300th edition, and what are you feeling thinking about that milestone?

CW: The 300th edition was actually June 16th. I'm feeling really excited and humble, even though I want to go hard on a few people who questioned my skills to present news and information. People chatted about my journalism credentials, which I have none other than expressing my creative mind and putting those thoughts in print. They don't realize I'm not trying to win any journalism awards. I'm a businessman, so my goal is to create a business model that could be emulated and celebrated.

Michelle - Chatham, IL: Did you have any doubt that you would be able to sustain and continue producing TRUTH B Told News Service?

CW: Humbly - NO! I know my potential and hustle to get things done - Been there, done that. I knew if God allowed me to wake up each and every morning, I could produce 300 issues and beyond. The model was kind of sketchy, but once I figured out what I wanted to look, smell, taste and read like, then the blueprint was set. And the great thing is that any business, even McDonald's, Coke, Wal Mart, Nike, Pepsi, Mad Vision, Break Bread, Mazjac Enterprise, Ariel Capital and any other major brand are always trying to get better, evolve and innovative in how they present their products.

Henry - ATL, GA: What's next and where do you see social on-line media and news organizations going in the next 3 - 5 years, and are you prepared to meet the challenges?

CW: The next objective is to keep evolving and deciding what's the best direction to take the content. Because in the end, it’s a media company that obtain its value by the real and relevant, as well as informative subject matters presented daily to its readers. Speak The TRUTH w/ Carl West on-line video talk show is prepared to launch in the next several weeks. The 300 landmark was important to secure, so the next 300 could be modeled from the last and to evaluate and make any improvements. Because businesses and programs are always working to improve the brand.

The coming years for on-line media outlets are still confusing and hard to figure out. This arena is very fast paced and forever changing. The only way to consume it appropriately is to be directly in it, to witness and engage the effects of the constant changes. And I don't know if I'm prepared to meet the many changes, because as I said, it’s constantly evolving right before your eyes. And being new to this medium also makes it a little challenging for me to grasp, since I just became literate in on-line activities a few years ago. Before this project came along, I rejected this intrusive form of communication. But time will tell, and we all will witness the evolution of technology - like it or not!

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