Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HISTORY MAKER: Dr. Carol Adams: Teaching the Past, Preparing for the Future

Special Correspondent: CDW
Dr. Carol Adams loves the skin she's in!

Religious Views: All Praise is Due to the Creator and the Ancestors

Favorite Quotations: When the student is ready, a teacher will come. Stupid friends are worse than enemies. You may not get everything you pay for, but you will certainly pay for everything you get.

Interest: Men

Relationship Status: Single

Credentials can't do this amazing woman justice when presenting her contributions professionally and personally. She's touched hundreds of people throughout her masterful journey and respected and adored by anyone who has ever crossed her pathway to glory.

Dr. Adams has an inner peace that translates itself into this magical spirit when she enters a room and spreads that gift of love. She is all about love, and she makes no bones about who she loves and how she loves. Dr. Adams loves her Black people and all their creative attributes that has brought them through 1oo's of years of soul searching, triumphs and determination.

When Dr. Adams was announced as the new CEO of the DuSable Museum of African American History, the nation's first and oldest African American History Museum, most who knew Carol, knew this was the perfect partnership for an iconic and visionary servant of God.

Once again, her credentials are unmatched, but yet don’t tell you about the woman, and her gift for identifying emerging talent. One to speak is attorney Andre Grant, who credits Dr. Adams with insisting he become a lawyer because of his gift for gab. "Dr. Adams saved my life, and when I met her in College, she changed my thinking and opened my eyes. And for that, I'm absolutely grateful and I'll always worship and support her", expressed Grant.

When the Board of Trustees of the DuSable Museum announced the appointment of Carol L. Adams, PhD, they were assured this esteemed educator would help bring about the convergence of art and education to the historic museum.

The capacity crowd at this years Arts & Crafts Festival on DuSable georgous grounds (Photo: Latoya James)

Cheryl Blackwell Bryson, Esq., DuSable's Chairman of the Board of Trustees stated, "Carol is indeed a heavy-hitter. She comes with her own range of contacts globally and she knows almost everyone who is relevant in not only the Museum and Cultural Arts communities, but also the worlds of commerce, politics and finance, so she will be able to create a very special synergy."

Dr. Adams states, "I am excited at the opportunity to help the DuSable Museum realize its vision of becoming one of the world's great museums. Each of my predecessors has had a role in the evolution of the institution, but we all stand on the extraordinary shoulders of the Museum's founder, Dr. Margaret Burroughs." Adams continued, "During the last 48 years, DuSable Museum has grown from one-room in Dr. Burroughs' home to a first-class institution recognized around the world for its exhibitions, programs and events. My focus will be on the physical expansion, capital development and fiscal sustainability necessary to support, conserve and augment the DuSable Museum's remarkable collections."

As founding Director of MAPS (Museums and Public Schools), she worked to integrate holdings into approved lesson plans for elementary school students in Chicago Public Schools. During her tenure at the Chicago Housing Authority, Dr. Adams founded the Museum Consortium, whose mission was for each major museum in Chicago to adopt a public housing development and mainstream its youth into their activities.

Dr. Adams has raised a staggering total of almost $400 million for a varied group of institutions of higher learning, governmental agencies and not-for-profits. She was formerly the Chairman of the African American Studies Department at Loyola University; Director, The Center for Inner City Studies at Northeastern Illinois University; and most recently the Secretary of the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Carol Adams has spent much of her career engaged in cultural arts research, analysis and production. Her unique perspective on art and its integral role in shaping and defining culture and community is informed by her parallel study of sociology and Africana history and culture.

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