Tuesday, July 12, 2011

POLITICS AS USUAL: The Last Black President

Contributing Correspondent: Maze Jackson

Ok, I am about to make a statement here that may not be popular, but it's the truth. If the unemployment rate stays above 8.5% by the election, there is a very real possibility that Barack Obama may not be re-elected. Yesterday, I watched the President’s press conference in which he discussed the debt ceiling, and the Republicans’ unwillingness to work out a compromise.

Honestly, I did not listen, the sound faded away as I actually LOOKED at President Obama. I could not get over the way he looked, physically. Solemn, graying, and very deliberate, gone was the electric smile and bubbling energy, replaced by a man who is seemingly beginning to realize that the opposition is willing to drive the country into the ground to insure the defeat of the first Black President, even at their own peril.

I have not been the most ardent Barack Obama supporter. I have always been wary of his commitment to Black people; however, I never share this with outsiders who would only seek to use them as validation of their viewpoints. “Even you, a Black man does not think he is doing a good job!” It would be the same way the Republicans will use Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley’s comments to tank Obama with Blacks, or at least temper our enthusiasm for him in the 2012 election.

Combine that with another seemingly legitimate Black candidate, Herman Cain, that will give frustrated Black voters (with whom the unemployment rate is at 16.2%), a place to deposit their votes, and this thing is looking more challenging by the day. Tank the economy, and they can get a do over with the Recession.

Obama’s election demonstrated that in dire times, Americans are willing to give anything a try, hence the first Black President. Now the Tea Party is willing to recreate the Recession in an all out attempt to defeat him. A kamikaze mission, and frankly with the stakes involved, I think it has moved beyond politics to blatant racism. They are going to get that n_ _ _a out of there, to quote Malcolm X, “By Any Means Necessary.”

Make no mistake about it; I have my own personal grievances against OUR President. I really think he could have done more for Blacks, but I know “he’s trying not to be the angry Black man,” as Jay - Z was recently quoted in Rolling Stone. I think if he would have been the angry Black man, capable of properly articulating his thoughts, they would not be trying to punk him right now, publicly and humiliatingly, like Jimmy Carter, with his head on a stake.

But he’s still family, and when someone attacks your family, no matter what the circumstances, you defend home. We can take Obama to the woodshed for ignoring us these past three years AFTER we get him re-elected. But he better get it right or he'll be the LAST BLACK PRESIDENT.

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  1. Great article! I actually agree. I do wish though more black people would push not just the president but our alderman, governors, congressman, by either voting them in or out of office. They make the money and understand that poor people will not question their motives. The president cannot fight for any of us if we do not fight for ourselves. His job is to manage. We have to view everyone in the government as a whole educate ourselves on the jobs they do and how they affect us and then use our power in number as a people and vote. We can also voice our opinions loudly and quit allowing propaganda to shape our thinking. We don't have to be idiots, but it would seem that the same movies used as propaganda to get people in the early 1900’s, to be for the war, has morphed into cable TV programs and took the place of legitimate journalist who use to actual research and make sure of the facts. Preposterous really, but instead of examining things for ourselves we just give blind faith to people who care nothing about us black or white especially if we are poor. They say we shouldn’t get high but current media is the biggest high ever, as a people we are so high we can’t even see the truth (cough).