Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Check out the 2nd episode of Speak The TRUTH. The second episode titled, Violence in America, is a realistic examination of America’s love for blood shed.

One thing I would like to see happen, is when women finish college, med or law school, they move back with their parents, or one or the other parent if they happen to be separated, divorced or whatever. The women should always be welcomed back, so the women can not only save money, but prepare for marriage and career. She already has experienced independence while away at school, so that fantasy has been fulfilled.

Young men should also be allowed to return to their parent’s home for a period of time until they can provide for themselves properly, and began a career path after saving substantial amounts of money, as they think about their legacy and future as

leaders and providers.

This arrangement allows women to have more control of men who wants and desires them bad enough that they're makes more women legit by proposing marriage, family and future. This will make men step up. When a man wants and desires a woman bad enough, and when he knows he can't creep in anytime because she has her own place; believe me, that man will work extremely hard to secure his lover of choice. This was common for women, after returning from college, to stay with the overseers of her life (parents/relatives), to assure she made strategic decisions about her future, because marriage was just as important as finding employment in those days.

I'll raise my daughter to think about this basic dynamics and reality of life that occurred in the old days. Karly watches old movies with me, so we discuss these issues. She'll know she has a home for life, and every man she meets will know her pedigree and that her family is watching and helping to guide her professional and personal decisons. My daughter will understand that when she finally engage a man that meets her standards, and approval of her parents, she'll have the house to help her and this man, who has hopes of making her legit, a home to kick start their life.

I love watching old 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s black and white films, and this was how families back then prepared their offsprings and I just love it. It was more of a collective effort, because the family of the men knew the score, and when they pursued a woman, it meant something long term and not just a booty call.

Over the weekend I watched this great movie profiling how the first news service was created. I recommend all media, PR and industry people see this film. Edward G. Robinson, a favorite of mine played the lead character, John Reuter, who founded and started the Reuter Wire Service from the attic of his country home. He used carrier pigeons, which where trained to go across country in hours, much faster than horse back riders, to deliver important news and information about the stock market to community newspapers and investors. He prided himself on having the information almost a day ahead of the fastest riders and his pigeons made very few mistakes.

I loved this film, especially since I've launched, and priding my business model on premium content. As we grow, new features like weekly stock tips and financial advise, health remedies and recommendations, vacation destinations and discounts from travel agent partners; inspirational quotes and legal tips from attorney's like Andre Grant and Dartesia Pitts, will add to the already informative online service. Peace and one love.

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