Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PUBLISHER'S PEACE: Pimping Ain't Easy, But its Happening to All of Us!

Managing Editor, Carl West and Karly Olivia West at DuSable Museum's Arts & Crafts Festival 2011

Take a survey and ask so-called job creators, the riches ten percent of this country if they wouldn't mind paying more in taxes to help stir-up the pot and contribute to easing the burden and strain on the bottom half of the country. It's just that simple, so why do political officials, mainly Republicans act like they're protecting the rich by not agreeing to eliminate the Bush tax credit on the wealthy?

I'm really getting tired of this stale mate between rich white men, a few white women, a sprinkle of Black men and women and one first time Black president of the united states. This debate about debt ceiling, pork barrel entitlements and Bush tax cuts, the Obamacare and all the other propaganda dialog going on that just confuses the common citizen, and doesn't help solve the main problem - Jobs, jobs and more jobs!

These men are rich and getting richer everyday; while people are suffering and losing personal and professional property, and families are being divided and displaced as these so called servants of the people engage in shenanigans. They keep talking about how much it's going to cost tax payers in ten years, twenty years when what should be the most relevant issue, is what it's costing tens of millions' of people NOW!

The future of America and my child and your child and grand children are very important to me and others, but if I, like millions others can't provide the basics for their offspring’s today, what good am I to them. It will be very difficult to project, discuss and plan for a future.

I can not in good faith give my support and praise for president Obama and any one else in Washington D.C and within my local state and city government. Jobs have been lost from past terrible decisions, greed, waste and mismanagement and the same elected officials, continue to tell us how they'll help solve the problems, can't seem to solve problems.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of listening to lame excuses and placing blame on the same dudes ya'll play golf and ace of spades with during the lot of you down time in Springfield and in Washington. I'm annoyed every time I watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, and network news programs and any other news and information media outlet spouting off the same tales of destruction and scare tactics. All the while people are still feeling the heat of this screwed up economy, racial discrimination, violence ripping a part select communities and corruption plaguing local and national businesses and politics and city service and municipalities.

The American public has sat idol while millionaire bankers got richer, while the hard working citizens of this country accumulated mounting losses after the real estate market with belly up. Over the last two decades, Americans have seen stable and good paying manufacturing jobs exit this great nation by the hands of greedy corporations who cared less about the future of this land, but more about their immediate profit margins.

It is time we really get pissed and write to our Congressmen, U.S. Senators, Aldermen, State Representatives and anyone who's responsible for allowing our government to pimp us and sell out to big businesses while watching us sink one trick/family at a time. Peace and one love

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