Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Publisher's Peace: Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr Has Job Answers?

C/ Dwayne West CEO/Managing Editor

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr was invited to address the COAL Power Breakfast and its members, friends and guests, which every month they honor a progressive leader as the keynote speaker detailing his or her perspective for the community which they serve, represent, hook up, look out for, etc... There's a delicious buffet breakfast provided by BJ Market each month.

I've seen Jesse Jr speak on many occasions; I think he's one of America's greatest orators with an unlimited knowledge on his subject matter - politics. And in the half dozen or so times I've witnessed his directives to an audience, never before have had I heard him so emotionally passionate. Never before have had I heard any politician so emotional between campaigns.

Congressman Jackson expresses his disappointment

 He spoke for under a two hours, but it was one of the most informative and attention grabbing out burst (in a positive way), and my pen and pad was in constant motion. He outlined three topics. Redistricting, economic development (JOBS), and minority power.

Jackson Jr., once gave a speech placing partial blame on the success of the Apple iPad for job loss in America. He stated iPad's popular mechanism has affected publishers, booksellers, bookstores, etc all the while supporting China’s economy rather than the US economy. It's a fact that technology, as innovative as it has been, has made our lives easier, but has destroyed some areas of major industries. It’s just like integrating major league baseball killed Negro baseball league. Innovative integration also destroyed collective Black communities by taking the best and brightest and flushing them into corporate America and their communities. So with gains come losses.

In the congressman's aggressive speech to COAL loyalists, he discussed his failed attempt to bring a third airport to the south suburbs. And he placed the blame on the door steps of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. He says the airport, which will provide fifteen thousands jobs immediately, and create a dozen millionaires, as well as put a minority in charge of a major construction project. A Black businessman, Al McCowan, owns the 25,000 acre land the state will have to lease for the one runway, five gate terminal. But the hold up has been Governor Quinn, who with a stroke of the pen can get the shovel ready project underway.

Jesse also expressed that members of the Illinois Black Caucus has failed the community and he spends very little time talking with them. He said being with COAL the last hour and half is more time than he's gathered with his peer group in Congress. He feels it's a waste of time, they want act on the will of the people.

He came close to saying they're afraid to create jobs and make minority millionaires. He think they really think a Black man can't build an airport. But he adamantly detailed how a Black man can be president, so it's for sure one can follow the scripted designs by state law to develop and construct a major terminal.

His goal ultimately is to see Blacks running and owning something! Not just begging for a piece of the pie, but supplying the ingredients, baking the pie and slicing it up - is his objective. Peace and one love.

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