Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Hottest New Clothier is House of Trend: Special Correspondent: C. Dubb

Roomy retail space for leisure
and easy shopping

Larry James has been a long standing member of the fashion industry and his creations has always been the talk of fashion trendsetters alike. The next move is always James best move and his latest couture is House of Trend, a full fledge fashionable boutique located in the Northwest loop on 688 N. Milwaukee Ave (Chicago ).

Great selection of button-ups to jeans,
boots and accessories

H.O.T. is the place where celebrities, athletes and hard working stiffs stop to grab some trendy garments for their extended wardrobes. The store is roomy, with great lighting and the clothes are scattered throughout the establishment neatly and strategically. The slogan for James' fashion focus hot spot is Not Just a Retail... But a Lifestyle!

Terrence Howard and James
Earl Jones enjoyed the atmosphere.

House of Trend celebrated it's one year anniversary with some of Chicago's Influencers & Tastemakers fusing Fashion, Music, & Entertainment with guests like renowned and iconic actor Terrence Howard and James Earl Jones enjoying the store's relaxed decor with some close friends. Pro ballers making the store a must on their shopping excursions include Derrick Rose, Julius Peppers, Devin Hester, Loul Deng and many others. The latest and hottest fashions for late winter and early spring are now on display:

Grey Valentino wool &
Poly coating $525

Moschino Military Green & Tan (L & XL) $420 + Shipping

White Neo sweater with front
buttons, $95 + Shipping

Black/White Shawl Neck
sweater $110 + Shipping

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