Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PUBLISHER'S PEACE: Building the Next Generation of Leaders 2/1/12

The time has come, actually it’s past time that we initiate a Call to Action for my generation, or as Maze Jackson refers - the NOW generation, to stand up and take control of our future and destiny. The next generation of leaders are prepared and armed for battle, now all we have to do is decide what our fight is.

The Next Generation Leadership Council (NGLC) is a public policy organization focusing on identifying and profiling emerging leaders in politics, business, community service and education. We also want to express the importance of voting and the urgency of communities to have access to educational opportunities to teach civics and ground roots politics; and to also understand the process long before any ballot cards are printed.

Since its inception last year, NGLC has been establishing itself. I, along with Maze, who is also the co-founder, have taken major steps to assure we get this right. This process is extremely important and we must make certain that we deliver the goods as we attract hundreds, if not thousands, to join this new movement to direct and write our own script in building wealth, power and influence within our communities.

We also need our generation to stand up and acknowledge that there are serious problems afflicting our communities and we must join together to solve some of these issues. We must alert our community that if change is to happen, it will only occur with a collective effort. It will require all and not just the few who continue to mislead and misguide us down a path of self hatred, playing the blame game and race card keeping us blind and our minds crippled.

One of my recommendations is that select leaders detail certain issues like education, community service and business development. These leaders or organizations should specialize in one focal area and be the expert of that issue. The organizations and individuals can convene in private to discuss and lay out game plans for each area, with each organization or community leader giving input; helping to devise a plan or call to action.

This, in my opinion, must be the new model of civil, social and economic rights in the 21st century. No longer can we have one or two leaders traveling the globe trying to be all things to all people, and enjoying perks and benefits at the masses expense, while the issues at hand remain the same long after they're gone!

We need each strong, smart and able bodied young person to take a leadership role to build capacity and sustainability. We need real people, aggressive people, educated people, street hustlers and legal pimps who can talk to the streets and let them know the time is now and our future lies within our hands. And if they choose not to accept this mission or call to action, then their children's children’s faith sits solely on their shoulders. So you can't blame the MAN and you can't scream your people didn't have a plan, because when the time had come for you to stand down to stand up, you punked out!

NGLC has several missions, but one important objective is to support other emerging individuals who also share in the goals of building better communities and creating economic development.

For instance, NGLC's member, Alex McNulty, co-owner of CTS Financial Enterprises with his wife, who both are hosting a networking fundraiser on the Westside/Chicago; and we must lend our support from an organizational standpoint, but also as a progressive community. This is called building a coalition of collaborative partners of business and community leaders creating wealth, power and influence. Peace and one love.

NOTE: UNIFY, in honor of Black History Month, Saturday, Feb 25th, 9 am - noon, 2419 W. Madison Ave, CTS Financial Enterprises. For information, call 312.226.9490 or

NOTE: 2 NGLC Top 25 Leaders Symosium is planned for mid March before the presidential and local elections and we look to make an endorsement of emerging new and existing political leaders.

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