Friday, February 24, 2012

PUBLISHER'S PEACE : NGLC Make Endorsements Correspondent: C/ Dwayne West

The time is approaching when the newest and most dynamic public policy and grass roots organization will officially launch. Next Generation Leadership Council (NGLC) was co founded by Maze Jackson and myself. We're both two urban legends in terms of our contribution to hip hop culture, business and politics in Chicago.

NGLC has been marinating deep within our creative minds waiting for the perfect storm to unleash the movement. Together, with other founding board members who've joined this journey of building the next generation of leaders during these crucial times in America's business, political and social landscape, with a major emphasis on the education of generations to come? These are key areas we’ll focus on while building wealth, power and influence.

Today we introduce the logo for the very first time. Next Generation Leadership Council (NGLC) logo will brand the organization as we prepare for one of the next phases of leadership building. NGLC will erect the next dynamic of the civil rights movement through developing mindsets that everyone's a leader and each person's role is to be influencers within four components.

NGLC will identify, present and promote leaders in Education, Politics, Business/Economic Development and Community Service/Activism. These are the strong collective areas where we'll focus our energy and resources to expand capacity and build a progressive movement.

The 50 NGLC Leadership Symposium is due to take place in March. NGLC will also make an endorsement for the many Judgeships, Committeemen and State Rep. positions being contested for the March 20th election.

Power elites who support the mission of NGLC is real estate magnate Elzie Higginbothom, technology guru Robert Blackwell, Sr, retired businessman Clarence Wood, public policy consultant Craig Wimberly, Commissioner Larry Rogers, Jr, business consultant Tony Taylor, Mayor Deyon Dean, food service entrepreneur Charles Johnson (Magic Johnson) and a host of others.

Presenting sponsors for the March symposium are State Farm Insurance, ComEd/Exelon, Compass Public Affairs, Universal MazJac Enterprises, MG Media, TRUTH 4 Literacy Foundation, Brooks Balloons, L. Warbington Jewelry, Mayor's Office of Riverdale and For more details about NGLC, please call 312.980.2681 or

NOTE: This week on Talk It Out with Maze and Monique, in the 7 o’clock hour they’ll discuss Hot Topics, Lisa E’s Celebrity Spotlight, and new feature, That’s Not Cool! At the 8 o'clock hour, Carl West & Mark Allen will discuss the relevance of civil rights organizations today. At 9 pm, the Sex and Relationship Hour: Would you allow your mate to bring another person into the bedroom?
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