Friday, February 17, 2012

PUBLISHER'S PEACE: Truth Be Told (Part 12)

Whitney's death is not a wake-up call, it's just death. Why do people act like every situation has to be a learning experience? Was the affects of Elvis Presley’s death taught in class, or was Marilyn Monroe's drug induced demise a class assignment? Or what about the death of Jimmi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson; are their deaths a teaching moment?

Death comes in all shapes and sizes. Death has no memory of the past, death takes no prisoners, and when you enter the realm of death, there is no exception to the rules. Death is not prejudice!

TRUTH B TOLD, when the grim reaper calls your name, it will not change its mind while listening to your excuse that the dog ate your homework, or your kid has a doctor's appointment. I should know I lost a 17 year-old little brother years ago; regardless how much the family prayed, when death called him, he answered. My 90 year-old grandma just died a few nights ago, and believe me, there's no teachable moment from her incredible life after birthing 20 kids. Wait, maybe there is? But today's young ladies could have learned from her life - not death. (She's one reason why I'm the way I am. After sitting at her feet and seeing how she lived, women just can't bring me tired mess).

How do political operatives feel knowing that Chicago and Illinois has been rated the most corrupt place in the world? Do you see any correlation to the present and past back door dealings within your horrible approval ratings and profession? WOW...

Elected officials who continue to bow down to Rahm's demands only does themselves a disservice in the end. Because if you think you're making yourself a more powerful player, you're not. The more you conform to Mayor Emanuel's blind instructions, the less respect he has for you. Take my word for it; that's the chatter coming from behind the steel curtains on the 5th floor. This man is laughing at the lot of you within his real inner-circle.

TRUTH B TOLD, I remember when I worked at the Chicago Board of Trade, this white trader who tried to punk me because his girlfriend befriended me and he decided it was not cool. He approached me one day in the hallway and demanded I not talk to her anymore.

Listen, I was sure of one thing, I was not a punk and coming from the hood and deep into hip hop, his demand met my fist to his face. When he rose from the floor, he asked me to lunch and made the offer damn near everyday! Furthermore, I was invited to all the white events and house parties and weekend excursions - all expenses paid. While other Black employees who walked around with their heads down still got treated like modern day slaves.

And it wasn't because I was tough, no, I was a skinny little 25 year-old Black boy, but my heart was huge and I had guts to stand up like a MAN. And that’s what they saw, another MAN demanding to be treated like a MAN! And this wasn't anything new for me. I always stood up when they unfairly challenged my performance and wanted me to bow down to them at the CBOT. And when they saw I wasn't going to tolerate their mistreatment, they changed the way they conducted themselves with me. It was such an eye opening and culture shock experience. So elected officials, try it, you might like the way it feels!

The problem today with my generation is everybody is rushing to get money. It’s cool to get as much money as you can if you can also serve your community while getting it. The problem is people are craving dough even at the expense of their community. Why do you want to be the dude with all the fish, when the community got to stand in the soup line waiting on you to carve up pieces?

TRUTH B TOLD, wouldn't you like to use your knowledge to teach the community how to fish? Some people enjoy being the "it" dude; coming from the hidden lake with all the fish instead of taking the willing and able to the lake and showing them where the fish flows in abundance. Teaching the community how to fish is much better then having them beg for nuggets. Peace and one love.

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