Sunday, January 5, 2014

PUBLISHER'S PEACE: So Let Greatness Begin!

Carl West, CEO MG Media
It's now the 3rd of January and the year is 2014. As if you didn't know that already. But just for the record, I wanted to highlight the day and year, because everyone who aspires for greatness should remember this moment in time as your greatness starts today.
One year from now, you should be able to recall where you were and what the hell you were doing when you made the decision to take this greatness journey with me. Are you ready? Did you write down the date? Where are you and what exactly are you doing - other than reading these Works of Words? I'm in my driver's seat and I need you at the starting gate with me!
I'm ready for take off. Are you? This ride will be filled with bumps and pot holes. This path will be somewhat difficult to navigate. It will not be an easy road trip, not by far. So are you sure you're ready? If not, I understand. Maybe this time next year you're have the guts and vision to challenge yourself to be better than you've ever been. But remember, we are not going to wait for you. We're headed for greatness. So lets go...
Once the readers who decide to ride out with me on our quest for greatness, we will not turn back, nor will we look back. The only road we'll see is what's ahead. So think twice, some may have to think a third time, but again, we will not wait on you. As you can see, time waits for no one!
At the end of these Works of Words, greatness begins and being mediocre ends for those who'll take this journey. No longer will you doubt yourself. No longer will you question your abilities. No more hesitation and no more procrastination. The fight of your life finally takes shape and once you join this journey to discover one's greatness, you'll never be the same. And you'll wonder why you took so damn long.
You'll feel your mind transform into something you've never imagined before. You'll watch your eyeballs glow brighter with every step you take. You'll see your shoulders get broader. You'll raise your head and look people in their eyes. You'll feel the strength in your voice get stronger and more determined. You will start to know and feel greatness.
And for any readers who selected not to step-up and reach for greatness today - shame on you. Because what you've done in choosing not to strive for a better life today, is depriving your children's children a better opportunity to succeed tomorrow.
Who will they have to emulate? Who will they have to brag about to their friends in school? Who will they have to learn from? Today, you've failed them and all their other immediate relatives and family members for decades to come. All because you let greatness pass you by today. Peace and One Love.

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