Sunday, January 5, 2014


New Year Predictions: Things I Wish Happen (or Don't)

Contributing Correspondent: CDW
I have so much respect for the readers of TBTNews and I would really like for them to understand the premise of why I Write to Differ... I write to Empower, to Engage, to Educate, to Inform, to Enlighten, to Transform and to bring Collective Thoughts together under one roof. These collective thoughts, I think can inspire each of us to walk, talk and do things differently, if we truly want change. I believe the bulk of us, at least the tens of thousands of loyal readers who continue asking for more within the pages of TRUTH B TOLD each day wants change.
There are some who disapprove and dislike what TBTNews represent. That's OK. There are some who question the validity of the news service. And that's also OK. But there are many more who beg for this unique and truthful voice to remain committed to its initial mission: Seek The TRUTH, Know The TRUTH, Speak The TRUTH. And as 2014 creeps in, I can assure you that our objective will remain steadfast and we'll only get better at what we do.
TRUTH B TOLD, there are some new and innovative features being planned for 2014. New content and corporate partnerships have signed on. And old invaluable relationships will continue like University of Chicago and McDonald's to name a few. One of the new features being added will be a satirical cartoon strip. It will be creative and poke fun at popular and unpopular figure heads. There will be readership engagement where subscribers can win prizes to sporting events, concerts, restaurants, and gift cards to retail outlets.
Several new columns and a host of new writers have signed up to deliver more relevant content. For instance: one on entrepreneurship and another section will profile high-end personalities with a weekly Q&A. A host of content programming will be produced: NGLC Leadership Awards Luncheon is Friday, Feb. 21 and on Sat., Feb. 22, The Rise of Technology & Innovation Symposium will take place. Carl West COMEDY HOUR and IMAGEMAKER Series will also be presented in 2014 by MG Media.
There is a new advertising section for small businesses. To inquire, call 312.980.2681. We're considering a new look, but not quite sure. What ever we do, it'll only enhance the readership experience. Here are a few things TBTNews predict for 2014. These are situations that we hope will happen or not happen:
1. I hope that more black folks invest in the stock market or purchase bonds or annuities instead of high priced gym shoes or overpriced jeans and jewelry. To see preferred stocks, visit Ariel Investment's website: or call 1.800.292.7435 for stocks in your price range (See penny stocks).
2. I predict that America will finally recognize the plight of black folks in this country and the contribution of Negroes to build this great nation and consider REPARATIONS under President Barack Obama.
3. I would love to see someone step-up and challenge Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He appears to have a free-ride thus far for the 2015 election. And I think in order to build a more affective government, serving all the people, political operatives must be challenged to provide needed services.
4. I don't want to see or attend another gathering on violence. It's not the main concern of urban hoods. The biggest and most important issue plaguing my community is jobs and building start-up enterprises in technology, retail and consumer goods.
5. I really wish my generation (ages 25 - 50) would stand-up and decide to mentor young lost and confused black kids within the hoods where they live, work and play!

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