Thursday, April 3, 2014


Wealth, Power & Influence

Today is what I'm calling 'The Wealth Issue' and it's to highlight and profile companies and individuals who are earning super wealth, employing thousands and building global brands. I'm so excited to bring this issue to TBTNews readers and subscribers to excite them about the notion of thinking about and planning wealth. I hope that my community and its stakeholders understand that discussing wealth building and not crime is the number one way to progress.
My community has seen tremendous growth over the last 50 years and its growth process will continue. I'm so proud of my racial group and all the innovative pioneers who's paved the way for progress. There are so many individuals and companies that have created some of America's most amazing products and who've help to change the world. These are the stories that I want (black media) outlets and community, business, political and spiritual leaders to chat about in their private and personal halls of inclusion.
Don't use the fear of our community and its random acts of violence to stall growth and progress! If the community and its emerging and aspiring minds are embedded with images of violence and dysfunction, only - they'll not have ambition for creative influences to propel their vision for innovation. I constantly discuss this with my media peers and others in the community; and it seems that only a few really get it. The ones who don't get it has bought into the mainstream mantra, "that if it bleeds, it should leads." Which is the dumbest thing I've heard in my entire life!
If it bleeds, it means that greed, leads. What I'm suggesting is news organizations have used images of black people being escorted into custody on nightly news and in print has become profitable for their media outlets. This has been proven, especially now that imprisonment of black boys have become a billion dollar enterprise. I'm NOT buying stock in that philosophy or product.
I'm purchasing stock in the millions of minds of innovative young and progressive people who've shown through many examples that progress and wealth is just around the corner; and anyone with vision, hustle, determination and a will to win - can win.
I believe that my community must highlight, discuss and have group encounters to understand, cultivate and be in love with ideas of building wealth, power and influence. That's how you really change communities and erect families. We must not be afraid to talk wealth building around the kitchen table. We must use our time when we gather at super bowl and Scandal parties or all star game weekends to not just be entertained, but to talked about how collectively, the gatherers at such celebrations can build their own space of abundance, instead of always cheering it.
This is crucial. When you gather and talk wealth and community building, you'll be passing those conversations to your children; they'll hear you screaming about building wealth equaling to when the kids hear mom, dad and their friends screaming over a great sports play on T.V. or after a crazy scene from Being Mary Jane.
And I'm not saying that making money should be your sole purpose in life. But if you're a progressive person who wants to serve the community and build a meaningful family; then talking about building wealth, power and influence should be as simple and often as planning for high school, college or that next girlfriend/husband/wife vacation. Peace and One Love.
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