Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Preserving Our Liberties

The defeat of Eric Cantor this week proves that big money politics means nothing once the people have decided to change course. This is being called one of the, if not the biggest upset in recent political history. The leader of the Republican Party was dethroned by a relativity unknown Tea Party member. How could it happen when big business supported Cantor, and the party loyalist gave him the thumbs up?
Well, it's simple. And it should be a lesson for all elected officials. But from talks in Congress, locally and nationally, most politicians don't think it can happen to them. I beg to differ... And I hope that voters get excited about the possibilities of unseating an elected official that does not conform to the ways of community building through economic development. How to build corporations and employ thousands of adult men and women who are mentally ready and skillfully competent should be issue NUMBER ONE!
And now after seeing this historic denouncement of Cantor, Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel had better watch out as this fresh and smart young woman, Amara Enyia is creeping up his mayoral coattail. And since Canter's lost after spending more dollars than his opponent, 10 - 1; Bruce Rauner's money will mean nothing if the people really see his loot as a distraction. And Governor Pat Quinn had also better step up his game and start delivering on his promises to Blacks and Latinos. Also, other elected operatives had better be very careful how they vote their political positions while ignoring their constituents.
VOTERS everywhere, this is the time to preserve and protect our civil liberties, and voting is the way to assure that each of us have a voice on who leads our communities towards progress.
TBTNews will present a column called SPEAK THE TRUTH, appearing Tuesdays and Thursdays each week giving community leaders an opportunity to express themselves through a question & answer segment discussing national and local politics and business. The column will consist of questions like 'who will win the Illinois Governorship and Mayoral election? And 'what's wrong with local politics that continue to ignore black business building?' And Mr. Robert Dale, founder of RJ Dale Advertising will be the premiere business leader giving his two cents.
Who wants to lead this movement to take back cities across this country from mayors who continue to ignore and disrespect minority communities? This is the time! The people can win! So get upset and get even. Show your power and leverage; vote your interest for progress, prosperity and freedom to control and build your communities. Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...

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