Sunday, October 26, 2014


McDonald's Must Step Up!

This is an open letter to my man Mr. Don Thompson, CEO of McDonald's, the leading fast food franchise in the nation. This company is one that's 'too big to fail.' And that's not a bad thing. What that means is that McDonald's has gotten it right for so long; satisfying tens of billions of customers around the globe since their start decades ago. So they will always have a place in America's heart and history. But things are changing and they most also change. The world is getting bigger and the options for simple, quick and good eats are expanding.
Mr. Thompson, I want to advise you on what I think your celebrated franchise should do, immediately, to save face and hopefully get the Golden Arches back on its game. Take these Works of Words to your stockholders and convince them to act, NOW!
First, before I go any further, let me openly and honestly say that I love McDonald's. I've been eating Big Macs all my life, since I can remember. When my family went on road trips to Mississippi multiple times per year, it was the only thing I wanted to eat. When we made rest stops, there had better be a McDonald's, because I would not eat anything else - and complain until we found that shiny M.
Secondly, Black McDonald's Owner Association (BMOA) is a great client of mine. It was the first company I reached out to support me when I started my business over 12 years ago. Why? Because as I mentioned above, I love McDonald's, and figured since I spent lots of money with them over my life span, thus far, why not try to get some of it back.
Not to mention that it took five years to get them to partner with me. And when the late Cirilo McSween, who was the biggest McDonald's operator in Chicago, expressed an interest in me before his untimely death, it was the start of a great relationship with him and the brand. He's a man I'll never forget.
OK, now back to business. Again, my man Don: you have to take the lead on this issue of raising the minimum wage. Here is why I'm saying that at this time my brother. For three consecutive days this week on Bloomberg News TV, McDonald's has been the running joke of some commentators and guests. They each, for the most part expressed their personal interest in the brand; either they're investors, or like me, long time satisfied consumers of the menu choices. And these were renowned analysis, so their view points count, especially on such a major media outlet.
So after hearing them discuss some of the errors or faults of not only McDonald's, but most of the fast food players in today's market place, who's seeing a decline in walk-ins - it hit me what you and the decision makers must do to stop the bleeding.
Since McDonald's is the number one fast food company, it's imperative that you and the brand take the lead on this very sensitive matter. And with McDonald's as the leader in the game, it's only natural that when this debate about wages comes up, McD and its business practices leads the discussion. So since McDonald's leads the discussion, as well as the target for protesters, why not change the narrative and take the lead like leaders do? Make the change and keep the attention on the brand, but for the right reason.
Don, I want to see you win. You are one of a few black CEOs running a major company in America. Plus you from the Chi. You good people. So STEP out front, raise McDonald's minimum wage. It don't have to be what's suggested, but raise it. Meet in the middle or give the workers 75% of what they've requested. Make headlines. Don't wait. Make a call that shocks the world. Show people what leadership really means. Make history!
And bro., when the smoke clears, you and McDonald's will be champions of the common laborer and your customers will applaud you. And guess what? I bet the majority of your current and future customers will welcome in a (slight) increase to their favorite numbered choice meal. I know I will. Plus, I get mine back anyway. Peace and One Love..... I Write to Differ

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