Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Jay Z & Kanye Dominate Hip Hop

Correspondent: MG Media

Jay Z walks with swag and confidence
Kanye's arrogance has proven effective
The two biggest names in hip hop culture are the two people who have contributed more to the genre than anyone else the last ten years. The icons have generated more buzz and have ignited more conversation with the women, their persona, their loot and their musical influence.

Not to mention that have created their own swag style that has been duplicated. They are trend setters. They are image makers and when its all said and done - they will both be history makers. But the most important element to their dominant hip hop prow-ness is that each man has branded himself globally with top corporate entities and have even tagged their own apparel with their namesakes.

Kanye West has cloths, television and shoes. Jay Z has shoes, cloths, liquor and now with his social media music download company Tidal, with West being a minority partner, collectively, they have positioned themselves to be front and center in hip hop culture for the next decade.

Jay also has his Roc Nation management company with clients like pop diva Rihanna, hip hop soloist J. Cole, NBA All-Star Kevin Durant and several baseball and football stars including Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys. This is his money making arm and his effort into this space has been created because of his popularity and his ability to have the midas touch, in terms of making wheel barrels of cash for himself and his strategic partners. And with these facts, how can anyone discount their value and influence and dominance within the global rap world.

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