Wednesday, November 11, 2015


In My Father’s House

Common and Che Smith with Oscar
Correspondent: Sista Afrika Porter

From blue collar worker, activist, radio show host on WVON, Chicago Southside aldermanic candidate to Kenneth Cole model; Grammy Award winning artist and writer, Che “Rhymefest Smith is back and more enterprising then ever. His new film is a must see, entitled, “In My Father’s House”.

It was released less than a month ago, and is already getting rave reviews in festivals around the country, including the Tribeca Film Festival, and has already received awards like Best Documentary at the Bentonville Film Festival and Southwest Airlines’ Audience Award winner at the Nashville Film Festival.

It's an in depth and up close, yet touching film shadowing the rapper’s life and his reconnecting with his father after having no communication or contact with him for decades. While learning of his dad's issues, dealing with them and loving him, and managing his own family - Che “Rhymefest” Smith’s beautiful children and wife, Donnie Smith, Executive Director of Donda’s House in the film, are doing perfectly fine.

Che with his wife Donnie Smith and his father Brian Tillman
I attended the standing room only, red carpet premiere with my son, filled with many emotions. Firstly, I was very proud of Chicago’s own Rhymefest for telling his story, because he did not have to. The story line and captivating scenarios had me excited, in tears, happy and sad, all within the hour and a half of watching the film. Che took us on a long ride to learn what love, duty and sacrifice actually mean.

I could not get out of my seat for a second. Che Smith provided three things for the viewer: 1) recognize an issue, 2) Seek out his father, and 3) work towards solving the issue. Often times I believe people discredit rappers, and artist for being just that. One has to recognize the gifts instilled in such creative beings who fall in love with music, become artist, song writers and lyrics to create the art form many appreciate. There is so much genius in artistry. This is why many artist do tons of creative things beyond their music. Please go to for more information and to see and support this wonderful film.

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