Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Rahm Emanuel Has No Juice!
Correspondent: TBTNEWS

Rahm Emanuel
The political career of Rahm Emanuel has taken an extreme turn for the worst. This unlikable dictator came upon Chicago because his then buddy President Barack Obama anointed him as the best man for the mayoral position being vacated by Richard M. Daley, another political crook who escaped prosecution with all the city's loot in his green little wagon wheel barrow.

Rahm was voted into office by a very large margin five years ago and then reelected by the same people who decided to give him one more chance after he pleaded for his political freedom. The overly-hyped commercials he ran around the clock on every network and cable stations in the country proved effective. He even toured the hardest and impoverish hoods talking to anyone who would listen. Well, after less than 5 months in office after winning his run off bid against Jesus Garcia, Emanuel finds himself despised by almost every Chicagoan.

He violated the residence's trust once to often, and after his alleged involvement in the 'cover up' of the McDonald execution, his future as the mayor of Chicago is in jeopardy. Yes, he will probably withstand the onslaught from daily protesters at City Hall and throughout the golden gates of downtown Chicago to remain the mayor, but how will he govern knowing that his every word will be scrutinized. Basically, Rahm has become a shell of himself and the only people who will hear his cries are the very people who've always tried to shove the Roman style tyrant down the throats of black Chicago.

This time, no matter what they do on his behalf, in terms of attempting to convince the people to accept his cry baby apology, the current mayor of Chicago has about as much juice than an empty carton of OJ. Actually, Rahm's picture should be printed on the carton as someone who is now missing in action.  

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