Monday, May 22, 2017

Leadership Shortage

I've spent my entire adult life trying to understand exactly what is leadership and is there some 'secret sauce' to who possesses it versus who does not. Are individuals born with the trait or are people molded into leadership capacity? These are questions that I continue to ask myself and others.
I was recently asked what is leadership and do I either have or do I desire to have it? This question came from one of my On the Table experiences last week. I answered the first question by saying that 'great leaders inspire nations of men.' I responded to the second question by saying that 'I want to be a great leader who can inspire men to be great.'
Here is what I mean: I want my legacy as an effective leader to say that I motivated men to climb that mountain to challenge evil and overtake any and all forces that tries to denounce or destroy not only my race of people but this one nation under God. Because only by defeating the evil that men do, can my daughter, who currently lives in a world filled with immigrants and migrants alike, can she be free and progressive. Therefore I want her to stand tall with her neighbors, her peers and her classmates, who each come from a different region of the world, to be leaders for change. - C. Dubb

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