Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Don't Hide Your Wealth (cont.)

I watch business programs every day on Bloomberg News. There are hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs who eagerly discuss their salaries and their wealth building machines that they've founded. They feel extremely proud and excited to express to the world how they've progressed. Also, in the dozens of articles I read each week, very few public or private companies attempt to hide their profit making mechanisms. They wanna show their competitors how smart and successful they are in the marketplace and also attract other investors and customers. See, extremely successful people like to be in the company of other successful individuals boasting about their pathway to glory.
Here is where those mostly white or other racial organizations, companies and people differ from what I've witnessed in the black community of successful business people or high ranking executives. Negroes always attempt to either hide their wealth or salary history from the black public. Most black successful entrepreneurs rarely wanna chat about or divulge their net worth. They think people are gonna BEG. I've actually heard some utter this nonsense. Begging or 'asking' is real, but you have the right to say NO, when deemed appropriate. And black executives never wanna tell their salaries. It's like this Holy Grail of information that no one needs to know about.
I find that to be absolutely ridiculous! And for several reasons. Have you noticed how for instance, in professional sports, that they constantly present the salaries of athletes? It's a reason for that. First, they know that normal people love to fantasize about the income of special personalities and what they would do if they possessed that kind of wealth. It's also used as an inspiration to motivate up and coming amateur athletes to dream BIG and work hard at being a professional sports star because the rewards are great.
For other racial groups who are entrepreneurs and executives, being successful is not only celebrated, it's designed to spark innovation in their communities so others will work hard to pursue excellence in order to rise up the wealth mountain. This is why I think black executives and business people should shout to the top of their lungs just how successful they are and how much loot they collectively generate.
Remember, CASH Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M.), get the money, dollar, dollar bill y'all. It's not to boast about Negroes that make dough, but how they made their profits is what's ultimately important. Because if our youth see the potential in being a C-Suite corporate thug or a hood dude who hustled hard from the streets to become a multimillionaire operating a legalized and presentable business, then his or her image of black wealth is not only associated with bouncing a ball, running for the goal post, or jumping around on stage or in film.
Being a professional sports star or a world-renowned rapper or singer is awesome. But being a six or seven figure Vice President at Exelon or CEO of your own enterprise, in my mind, is equally as gratifying. That's why hiding your wealth is like hiding the answers to the questions from our black and brown boys and girls. Until the next edition...... Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ

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