Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Birds of a Feather

I recently made an assertion that I would not script political Works of Words any longer in my Publisher's Peace. What I should've said was (hardly ever).
Because today I'm gonna express myself about the process of blacks being used by the political system. First I ask the question: What's the difference between Democrats and Republicans? I truly don't know! If I had to place one or two bets on either party, I would say that maybe the Republican party is slightly more racist than the Democratic party.
I mean, neither party has any real credibility when it comes to black lives that matter. One seems to wanna keep black people on welfare, always keeping their hands out for added crumbs to survive from one year to the next. And the other party seems to only wanna talk (at) blacks during election time--to express how much they truly care. It's all a bunch of dog mess piled up on horse mess with the smell of skunk.
I heard one of my media comrades say that black folks have to be either Republicans or Democrats. Being an Independent isn't feasible or productive, he stated. Why is that? How come blacks can't be Independent? Especially when the two-party system has failed miserably. It has always been hard to tell them a part, but blacks have stayed super loyal to the Democrats and their admitted dismissal of black progress over the last 50 years.
It's absolutely clear what both parties have in common: That's money and power. Each party wants to control the flow of dough and use their leverage to maintain authority. They'll work side by side or separate, in appearance, to ensure that blacks have little to nothing. And when the smoke clears not only in the state budget crisis but also on the 5th floor at City Hall, this corrupt political system would have altered black progress for the next generation or longer.
Did you see what just happened with the Navy Pier TIFF situation? This is one of many examples where the hidden hands of power work in sync to make sure that black folks either starve in this city or bow down to them. They want blacks to be controlled by both parties, never to establish their own foundation for prosperity. Yeah, you can be the working middle-class black who'll keep their mouths shut and keep those paychecks coming. I understand, everyone gotta eat!
I've known this for years. But each day as I listen, look and learn more, it hurts my heart to accept the reality that this system, not necessary the people within it, have no respect for the Negro race. I can't imagine why not? We've proven to be loyal servants to the system. You would think that blacks would be rewarded for their undying devotion to a system that has never been good to them. But still we ride the party's train to nowhere.
Maybe that's why the system ignores and discount blacks, because we've been foolish and blind to these following facts: Decades of horrible schools, continued rising unemployment, forbidden to work on public and private construction sites, redlined into certain communities for housing and other secured loans for personal or professional property; and looked upon by others as less than when attempting to eat and spend our money at restaurants. For all the evidence presented, it's the only logical conclusion: Blacks allow the abuse, so they keep bullying BLACKS!
And to make situations worse, they lock-up Negro children and tell the world that black's at fault. And we believe them. The black community actually help incarcerate their best and brightest. What a tragedy! Even after having a black democratic president for eight years, it meant absolutely nothing for black people's long-term future in terms of rising up the food chain.
I'm hopeful a God will touch the soul of corrupt men and their system. Only He can save the Negro race from continued suffering. I'll never surrender. I'll never stop fighting to progressively build for my family and community. So to Republicans and Democrats, birds of a feather flocking together doesn't mean this will last forever! Lord knows I hope not! Until the next edition........ Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ

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