Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Continuing the Milestone!

As I announced in the news service on Wednesday, that it was the day we celebrated the 2,000th edition of TBTNews.
It was a such a great day with around the clock warm wishes of support and congratulations. I still can't believe that seven years has passed and the team of correspondents and others who've contributed to this memorable milestone will forever be linked to my professional and personal life.
The best is yet to come as I indicated in the conclusion of my Works of Words on Wednesday. Let me highlight several things being executed to make the next few years also memorable. Innovation is what drives me. I love to conceive an idea and decide its validity before embarking on the journey to make it a reality. And several innovative projects will consume the bulk of my time over the next 2-3 years.
This year MG Media launched another one of our objectives to build wealth, erect institutions and serve our community, equally. The creation of IMAGE Maker Series with host Dometi Pongo on TBTNews TV is an interview style format profiling the best and brightest. Subscribe to the Youtube channel to see compelling stories.
The introduction of e commerce web portal, which I designed similar to Amazon and Alibaba, the leaders in online commerce, will promote small businesses. The web portal highlights (product placement) only, and there are Q&A interviews with business owners who advertise on the portal. This e commerce site will help businesses increase traffic to their (websites) and also generate revenue. I believe that within the next six months this product will be a much sought after innovation.
We're introducing a podcast with select personalities discussing what it takes to be successful. It will be called Speak The TRUTH. There is no due date, but it'll premiere this year. The Tech Revolution is upon us and we must not only be end users but content creators and distributors of our own innovation. This is how legacies are born and wealth is accumulated.
I'm super thrilled to introduce these much needed digital platforms to enhance my community's engagement in changing the world where we live, work and play! Thanks again for witnessing this incredible journey with us. It's much appreciated! Until the next edition........ Peace and One Love.

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