Thursday, July 20, 2017

Major Milestone: 2,000

These Works of Words will not be enough explain how damn pleased and proud I am about the major milestone surpassed on this day! It has been non-stop execution of what many think is one of the most progressive and important daily news and information platforms to hit the digital landscape.
I don't know how to feel about that assertion, but what I do concur with is Black Excellence has been my primary focus. Even though I may have fallen short, I still continue to give my community and the tens of thousands of readers a product that can't be challenged by either the mainstream media or astute readers of global content.
Today....... I professionally celebrate TBTNews' 2,000th edition! YEP, it's been seven long years and countless hours and my deterred vision can contest to that. My eyeballs have been attached to either my computer screen at my home office or my hood headquarters on King Drive for over 10,000 hours. I devoted myself to delivering premium content because I had a dream to distribute images and Works of Words that would highlight the best and brightest. How else can people be inspired to be GREAT if they don't see or read about GREATNESS?
I'm tearful, prayerful and thankful to all who've joined me on the journey to follow in the footsteps of other leaders and innovators in the publishing of relevant news and information. I would be completely remised if I didn't acknowledge the Chicago Defender, the Chicago Citizen, the Chicago Crusader, Windy City Word, the Chicago Independent Bullentin, St. Louis American, South Suburban Standard, The Final Call and NDIGO Magapaper. There are others, but these are the local newspapers that inspired me to mercifully try and emulate their accomplishments.
I know the owners and overseers of each of those brands are cheerleaders of my product. I thank them for their continued support and for allowing me to be a member of the black press. I also have to acknowledge the John H. Johnson brand of magazines that motivated me to reach for insurmountable heights. Mr. Johnson personally expressed to me that 'I too' could create Black Excellence within the publishing industry. He advised me to think and express myself about the good, bad and indifferences that plague my community, as we strive for progress and opportunities.
I've actually surpassed my own imagination. I knew I could be a digital media startup and make an impact, but never did I think I would become what I've become. I wanted it. I dreamed it. And I've had fun living the dream. This platform has garnered me respect and most importantly great partners who've assisted me in telling stories of Black Excellence. I wanna thank the many advertisers and sponsors who believed in ME!
For those companies who've remained silent and absent, I'm watching and taking notes. I'll be calling you in September/November to make 'good in the hood' for fiscal year 2018. You can't hide on the sidelines any longer! It's your responsibility to help build wealth and not just with the same big box and safe organizations and companies. Black executives must use their leverage to help continue bringing truth to light. TBTNews will tell your story, or the lack of it, as you refuse to build with the people.
We can't afford to be afraid and not stand with the common man. He needs US. We need HIM. And we need YOU. Because after 2,000 issues, TRUTH BE TOLD, corporate brands have absolutely no excuses. As I look towards the next few years, I want my support (advertiser/sponsor) list to read like a who's who in corporate and philanthropic.
The best is yet to come. I don't know how long I'll be involved in this space, but I will keep bringing the 'heat' and showing love for those who strive for GREATNESS! Until the next edition........ Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ

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