Thursday, July 6, 2017


Chicago's own Chance the Rapper has used his remarkable upbringing and his knowledge of the world after being raised by parents who are worldly and responsible. It shows in his decisions and his mature nature to make sound choices and not follow the status quo. In the words of Frank Sinatra, Chance did it "his way." And dammit it has worked.

He's by far the biggest hip hop artist today. Not to take away from Jay-Z's newest release, 4:44, but chance told the record labels to leave him alone 'if you don't want any problems with me.' His many accomplishments and his global love is equal to any other celebrity globally, and his rise up the ladder of fame just keeps elevating. America should be proud of this young man. And if you wanted an image of what your kids to grow up and be, Chancelor Bennett, the man, is that dude! - C Dubb 

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