Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Political Power Players

This list focuses only on Illinois elected officials who've won their current position through the voting process. There are other powerful individuals who control the direction of most of these elected operatives, but we wanted to highlight people who can either lose or win their perceived powerful jobs by the people.
Being an elected official is such a non-glamorous job that can land you in prison or exile from the public space. It's most times a thankless job and in most cases, no thanks are warranted. Elected officials have enjoyed great perks and access to some of the richest people in the world and also the most powerful industries.
But what is most rewarding for elected officers is their salaries and lifetime pensions that reap huge dividends, if elected to multiple offices. One of the issues with the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois, is the abuse of the pension fund system that has been used to secure extended lifestyles for trusted soldiers and loyal henchmen. And only the most powerful politicians can ensure that individuals have stable careers in politics and outside the political apparatus to gain lifetime pensions and favors.
That's why we wanted to take a snapshot of some of the most powerful, and in some cases, the most unpopular elected officials. But being unliked and despised can be a blessing for people like the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanual, who from all accounts, seems to have the entire city against him.
Despite his unfavorable rating after his first term endorsement of President Barack Obama and election, Rahm found the right amount of votes to gain re-election for a second time--and maybe even being voted in as mayor for a third term come 2019 is within his reach.
How can a man who has done so many things extremely wrong still be considered the forerunner? Rahm has one thing going for himself, which all-powerful and clever politicians have--and that is very wealthy dudes in his corner to ensure that he keeps progressing on their hidden agendas. Not to mention he has convinced many, even the black community, that he's a 'nice guy' and that alone should keep him in office.
Being a Power Player in politics comes with legacy and lifetime rewards. Let us look at some other Political Power Players and see what makes them amongst the leaders in the pack:
Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner is still in charge of the state regardless of what he stated last year about Mike Madigan's control over Illinois. Rauner has the power to stop and/or start the much-needed progress for Illinois as it attempts to regain its financial footing.
Clerk of the Court, Dorothy Brown, who recently expressed her desire to run and be the next Mayor of Chicago, has been the most powerful person to ever sit in her current position. The Democratic leadership has attempted to defeat her on several occasions but her loyal fan base has kept her front and center in the political arena.
Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, one of the biggest vote-getters for decades, once stated that he would retire but his power was so impactful, that he was persuaded to keep his post for another term. His most accomplished times in public life is being the founder of the Jesse White Tumblers, in which he has transformed the lives of thousands of young black people.
Cook County Board President, Toni Preckwinkle has overcome a huge revolt during this past election. This victory to retain her incumbent seat as well as being selected as Cook County Chairman, demonstrated her power which was stamped for all to see.
Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, who made explosive news when she decided not to run for reelection. This halts her very visible and powerful position but many say that she has bigger plans that will soon be revealed. Presently, she continues to take on bad businesses who attempt to milk the common man in the state.
14th Alderman Ed Burke, the longest-serving city council member. With 50 years as alderman. no one has more power than he does within the walls of City Hall. Nothing moves without his thumbs up. Plus he makes so much cash with his law firm overseeing property taxes and other outside interests.
Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan has reined over the state of Illinois for over 5 decades and his power is so great that no one will even utter his name in a negative manner--afraid that he'll send his troops out against them, whether they're an insider or an average commoner.
3rd Ward Alderman, Pat Dowell has quietly proven to be more powerful than most give her credit for. She has given her voice to some much-anticipated things happening within her ever-changing ward. The question is how long with these changes embrace her?
The United States Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois has utilized his powerful title to become the main voice in D.C. defending the needs and wants of Illinoisans. Unfortunately, he has operated the same way most people in his position have conducted themselves, and that's ignoring the issues of black people in the state.
Candidate for Congress, Jesus Chuy Garciahas plotted and masterfully planned to become the most powerful head of all things Latino in Chicago. His Cheech & Chongappearance and demeanor have made him a hero of the immigration debate.
Even before completing her first term as 5th District State Representative, Juliana Stratton has moved the crowd in less time than it takes to start a soul train line. Her current power base was witnessed when billionaire and first-time gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker selected her to be his running mate to ultimately defeat Governor Rauner.
Current Congressman from Illinois, Luis GutiĆ©rrez has for so long been the most powerful Latino in the state. His constant fight and insider compromising has garnered many opportunities for his community. Now with his racial buddy (Garcia) taking his seat in Congress, he can focus on the fight to stop illegal deportation within his community.- MG Media

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